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March 7, 2022

1840: The Murder of George Mickelberry by Noah Beauchamp

1840: The Murder of George Mickelberry by Noah Beauchamp

This week the ONUC gals discuss the murder of George Mickelberry by Noah Beauchamp. Join them as they discuss tornadoes, the case, and how it ties back to another case we've done before. 

Trigger Warning Level: Low

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Sources: Murderpedia

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You are listening to one nation under crime, a historical chronological, true crime podcast. Each week we go through our nation's history and discuss one case from each year, starting in 1800. I'm Kayla and I'm Leah. And we are to episode 43. We've made it to the year, 1840. So we were, we made it quite a while. And also, I didn't mention this last episode, but I should mention it now. I'm not sure what's happened, but people in more countries have found us that's exciting, like way international, like Bangladesh, Bangladesh. Interesting. I kept seeing all these new places pop. 


So I think back when, when I talked about like that we were listened to in 35 different countries, I think now we're up to like 41. It's amazing. It was really all on that one episode two, it was very weird. Like I said, sometimes you see things and you're like, Hmm, that one, okay. Wonder. Right. I mean, we'll take it, but yeah, it was very interesting. So, but that was a good episode. That was our episode on the beautiful scar girl. Yeah. So that was a very interesting mysterious episode. We had a girl in Poe. We had a lot of things in that episode. So that, that was, that was an interesting one. I'm sorry, But the first attempted presidential assassination, We'll get to it again sometime. 


Well, actually, yeah. If you have listened to USBs the most recent episode, then we touch on that again. I'm sorry. That one, that episode It is, it's a star studded surprise star study episode. Just, I mean, it's a good one, but yeah, the beautiful cigar girl is where we S we all of a sudden, somehow started getting a bunch of listeners from other countries, just like countries that I was just like, Singapore. It is a mystery though. It was very, it was very interesting. So yes, we have this episode as well is going to tie back to another one in an interesting way. 


And I didn't expect it, but that with the name on, I knew we've covered someone with that last name, but it was one of those things that I was like, maybe it's just a common, last name then, you know, like maybe that could be one of those things that it's, we have a lot of people immigrating from different countries. And like, I could see that being kind of a common ish last name, and I didn't expect it to tie in as it did well. And The teacher I've seen last names and absolutely No connection. No, really? Yeah. So there is a connection our sources for this week. We really just have one. There truly is not a lot on this case that is out there, but it is an interesting case, nonetheless. 


So hi, Brad Murderpedia and y'all know Brad's out there creeping. He honestly should. He needs a reassignment, but he's so tired of you. I'm honestly, I'm tired of him. I think he's too invested. I think he's gotten emotional. I'm just saying he's probably mad because I got one of those little slidey things for my computer camera. So Nelly can't watch. I know is just saying, I think now he's keeping a close around me to be honest, but we're going to dig into this week. We have some events we're going to go into detail regarding one specific. 


Think I got on a rabbit trail. I got on an emotional rabbit trail. So we'll see. We'll get there January 1st in 1840, the first recorded bowling match occurred in the United States at the Knickerbocker alleys in New York city. Interesting Knickerbocker alleys. I just liked that January 13th, the steam ship, Lexington burned and sank and icy waters. Four miles off the coast of long island out of 143 people on the ship. 


Four survived. Oh yeah. I thought it was the other way around when I was reading it. I thought like only four died. And then as I was, I went, no, no, wait a minute. What did that again? Yeah. So 139 people died. So January 18th, the first us electrical journal, the electromagnet and mechanics Intelligencer was published January 19th, captain Charles Wilk circumnavigated Antarctica and claimed what is known as wilt splint for the United States. 


February 1st, the Baltimore college of dental surgery was incorporated. It is the first dental surgery college in the United States, March 4th. This is kind of a callback to last week. Alexander S Woolcott and John Johnson opened their, this is such a long, long one to Gary. I N it's not at all spelled like it, like it's at all the Doug, Gary, I N I had to like do it phonetically parlor on Broadway in Manhattan opened. 


And it is the world's first commercial photography portrait studio, because we remember last week, the moon, the first guy in France that did it to Gary. And this is like last name. So anyways, they just have to make it real confusing. They can't just say portrait studio, but whatever March 9th, the Wilmington and Raleigh railroad was completed. And it went from Wilmington, North Carolina to Weldon North Carolina. It is 161.5 miles and is considered the world's longest railroad world. 


Thought that was interesting. April, just April the Homeland poll month, the Raleigh and Gaston railroad was completed from Raleigh North Carolina to near Weldon North Carolina. So this one actually crossed over. So the Wilmington Raleigh railroad and the Raleigh Gaston railroad actually kind of intersected at the same point in Weldon, North Carolina. So, you know, May 7th, the great notches tornado struck Natchez Mississippi during the early afternoon hours. And before it was over 317 people were killed and 109 injured. 


It is the third deadliest tornado in us history. And it's tornado. We know the first took place in 1925. It is called the tri-state tornado, which went from Missouri to Southern Illinois and into Western Indiana. It's a big tornado. It killed 747 people. The second is the 1932 deep south tornado. It was an outbreak which went from Texas to South Carolina. It killed 332 people with 270 of those people alone being an Alabama. 


Obviously the third that we just discussed took place in 1840, and it is the great noxious tornado, but the fourth deadliest the 2011 super outbreak where approximately 360 tornadoes touched down in the Southeast over six days. This is when I got emotional research. I vividly remember this. We'll, we'll talk about it. I'll go through this. And then we'll talk about it for a second. In total 328, people were killed in, in Alabama alone, 238 were confirmed April 27th, 316 fatalities were the most tornado related fatalities in the United States in a single day, since the tri-state outbreak in 1925. 


And that's where 747 people were killed. Nearly 500 preliminary local storm reports were received for tornadoes over four days, including 292 in 16 states on April 27th alone. So in one day in 16 states, 292 tornadoes were recorded. That is guys. That is a lot like that is immense. I mean, we does in Alabama it's it's it's I mean, we're, we're in tornado season. Yes. 


This event. And then this is the last portion of this. And then we'll get to what we were going to say. Is that going to go? This event was the costliest tornado outbreak in United States history with the total damage reaching $10.2 billion billion with a B yes, this is the 2011 April tornadoes. We lived through that. I've vividly. Remember it. I graduated high school in oh nine. So this was a time when a lot of people that I knew were in college, I guess it was terrifying. 


I know of someone that it greatly affected this person to a point of not being able to go back and being put on some pretty serious pharmaceuticals on a daily basis to cope because some pretty serious things happened. Yeah. I, but yes, I was. I was here where we are currently. I didn't even think about that because you know, I'm older. So I, so this would, this would have been the sophomore to junior year of the people that I graduated with and where we are, Alabama is a college it's 45 ish minutes away from where we live. 


So Alabama is a college that a lot of people go to the year that I kind of, which is kind of funny each year at the high school that I went to, it's kind of like each graduating class, kind of, somehow everyone ended up at one college. It was very weird. Like, like one year everybody kind of ended up at Troy and then one year everybody ended up at like Auburn, but it was one of those things that like, and that year it was pretty split between a few different colleges. But yes, there were a lot of people that I knew that were in school at Alabama when all of this occurred and it was dire. It was, it was bad. It was terrifying because this was also right when Facebook and acted, where you could put that you were safe. 


And I just remember sitting there because I had a lot of friends that they ended up transferring later to a different college, but they were, they had gone to Alabama for a couple of years before they transferred. And so I knew a lot of people that, that were there and like, it was Tremat. Like guys, when we say it, there is not destroyed is not an apt enough word Recognizable, Truly. You could drive in that area and not know what's where, because there was nothing My best friends. 


She went to school there and her sister actually still works there. And I mean, never, never miss a game. And she was like, my, my landmarks Gone, gone, I mean, gone. And in which if you're from the south, you know, the landmarks are everything. We don't know. We don't know street names. We're like, oh yeah. Especially where the Publix is turned by the home Depot. That's how we know where replaces. But especially in college towns, especially there. And you know, if, and if you're telling people where to go, like if you're telling them, you know where to go for parking or something like that, you know, you're going to tell them landmarks landmarks, Well in Alabama and cause, and we're talking about Alabama specifically because it detects your Tuscaloosa. 


And so Tuscaloosa is really one of the main areas that it happened. There is a line in Alabama that is considered tornado alley. And it truly does go from Tuscaloosa to downtown Birmingham. And every, I truly mean everything in that line was, I mean, it, it was, it was terrifying. It was one of the, it was very scary, which is why last year when everything happened here, like that was super scary for us because a year, yeah, we're coming up on a year because that was right before we started the podcast. 


So it's, we do live in an area where there are tornadoes were coming up on tour and I can feel it in the air. Like if you're a southerner. And I know that people like laugh when southerners say that they can smell rain, but truly we can because we just like, we know what it is. It's very odd, but it's Well, , I'm going to tell ya people, people that don't know don't know if you've had anxiety, there's a difference in the pressure in the air and it's the storm. I mean, it really is when there are storms out, I can feel it. Or if you're prone to headaches. Yes. 


Yeah. But I do, I can feel it. And when there are storms and my anxiety, it is, it is. And does, I mean, I'm not saying that bragging. I wish it wasn't. So because Yeah, it's ridiculous. We work with someone who has an, if she's listening, hello, she knows who she is, who has extremely bad migraines and headaches. Like, and I, and I don't, some people say, oh, you have a migraine. No, this is debilitating for her. And I don't know how she does it some days, but to the point where she's had to get like Botox injections in the base of her skull to try and like try because of different things. 


And she, something happened to her when she was younger. It's a whole big thing, but She trusts. Yeah. It is. It's a wild story too, but she's, I don't know how she does it treat with, with all the stuff that, but she truly is. She will go down with a migraine. And a lot of times it is when there's bad weather coming through, but it's, and she'll find it now. She will find it. But when she's down, Buddy, she's down. But, but yeah, it's, it's, it's bad. And, and if you live in an area where there are tornadoes, you'll know what I say, what I mean, when I say it's it, I can feel it in the air. 


And it is, it is this weird time of year where it's cold and hot all in one day. But it's also humid, hot, not just like in which is funny because some people will move from like up north or something down to the south. And they're like, oh my gosh, I always thought people were kidding with the humidity, but they're like, no, truly it's so much hotter with humidity than it is like in dry here. Now going down into the depths of hell and in New York subway, that is totally different. That is another level of hot down to the outer Circles of something else. Completely. The Underworld that is insane. I don't know how people live, but I mean, it's like, Ooh, it's that muggy? 


That's the best way to describe it is that muggy just humid Takes your breath. Like you can't get any worse Starting, like starting to get several days in a row here and there of rain. And it's like, we know it's coming the days that it's like, you're breathing water. You are like, you're in the days that are the scariest or when you go and it's super overcast and you can like, you can feel the rain, but there's no rain. And you're like, Oh no, that's when my hair sticks out. As far as it is long. And you're like, Ooh, This is the day. Oh no, this is because it, it is, it is a feeling and being here in this area, it is, we, unfortunately we don't get them a lot this in our area. 


But when we do, we Get them, I've lived in the same town. You've lived in the same house for 20 years. No 17, well Close enough. And the weld Allergan the house that I came home from the hospital to for 21 years. Yeah. But You've, you've been in the same area that you're in for 42 years, just about Hmm. 38. I've been in that town about, but, and I've had two close calls with tornadoes. Yeah. In that, I mean, and in that town, It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when we get tornadoes And that's, that's what I was getting to. 


Yeah. I mean, I've lived in that same town within the two houses that I've lived in, in that time. You know, you could, if, as the pro flaws, as they said, as they say, I could, I could walk if, if I wanted to, I mean, I don't want to, but you know, they're, they're within walking distance it's Yeah. But in the south truly where we live, it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when. And I guess now we talked about James fan before. He's amazing. But truly, if you are new to an area that you have just moved into and you are not used to tornado season, if you do not know what to do in tornado season, as seasoned vets, ourselves of being in and around tornadoes, I talked about Weather safety. 


When Not to, you always go to the inside of the house, inside lowest points inside the house, away from windows, truly the best place to get. Isn't a bathtub. People laugh and make fun of people all the time, but usually the bathroom, there's no windows. A lot of times it is a center of house. Basement is the very Basis. The best. If you have one, get bicycle helmets for your kids and yourself, I mean, truly it is it's, it's a journey to, to, to do it. We actually have tornado drills in like elementary and high schools and you grab a textbook and you would go out that, which honestly, not a good idea. 


Anyways. Cause most of the schools are made with like cinder blocks. And like, I get that that's super safe, but also like my fingers on a textbook on my head with a cinder block, like it just doesn't sound good, I guess, better broken fingers than a broken school. But you know, but if you are new to an area that you are not used to tornadoes, please look up tornado safety or just go, listen to James span. You could be in California and just, just look him up on YouTube and go find him. He'll tell you what to do. But yeah, we, so in a year of 1840, it was, yeah, it was the third deadliest tornado in us history. 


So I couldn't go into the third without going to the fourth Because well, it's something that, I mean, it's, it's a big deal, especially if you have lived through a tornado or especially, you know, it's, it's a big deal. If you really have seen firsthand what a tornado, Those houses still nothing. Oh, I mean, I mean the ones on two 80 or like up on the hill where they were like, oh, that was kind of like the guys, these were brick, like brick houses on this there, the neighborhood is like gone and this is a nice neighborhood. 


It is, There's a house that was almost destroyed. Two houses. One of them, I think they're going to end up just bulldozing. I mean, still Over kind of near where we are kind of towards where our work is kind of in that area. They, they did that. They bulldozed a lot of them and just put the lots up for sale. Well, there's one, I don't know what they're doing with it, but another one they are, they are just now finishing up construction on it and it's almost a year out and others I've seen other places they're just sitting and it's almost a year, but it takes so much money. You can I've through this area still. 


And you can see they're still people that are trying to get their houses back together. It's insane. But anyway, it's a lot. June 20th, Samuel Morse patented the Telegraph, August 18th, the American society of dental surgeons was founded after they opened the college. I feel like that was the right order. I'm just saying November, you got to Train them before they can have a society. I guess like four months is enough training. I don't know. It's November 7th, William Henry Harrison defeated Martin van Buren and the presidential election. Our births in 1840, January 29th, Henry Huddleston, Rogers. 


Huddlestons just sounds fun. He's an American industrialist and financier who made his fortune oil refining and became a leader at no big deal. Standard oil. I mean Just a little company Got hurt at it. He's Aquarius, February 4th, Hiram Steven Hiram Hiram. His name is Hiram Maxim. I like it. I know, but it's Hiram Stevens, Maxim. He is the inventor of the first automatic machine gun, which is called the Maxim gun. He's also an Aquarius September 22nd. 


D M can. Wright was born. He's a seventh day Adventist minister for 22 years who ended up leaving the church and became one of its biggest critics. Interesting. I always find, you know, I always find stuff like that. Interesting love to have a conversation with him. He's a Virgo September 22nd. So October 24th lids, Peyton, Eliza, Paula, look, if I had an ounce of this woman in me, I could accomplish anything. 


She is an American competition, Archer who won two bronze Olympic metals and a one gold. When she won her gold medal in the Olympics, she was 63 and 333 days old. I could rule the world just saying if I had half of that, how old was she when she got her bronzes? I don't know. I want to know. I loved that. It was down to the day of how old she was when she won it, but she was a Scorpio. So she's, I always thought that was really interesting. 


Amazing. It was, it was cool. There's photos of her and she she's. She's cool looking she's she seems like she would be a fun conversation. Do you know that Gina Davis is an Olympic Archer. She looks like she would be to be honest to stone-cold. I mean, I thought that I've covered. I would like to have a conversation with her Gina Davis and Bea Arthur. Hmm. That would be, I don't know. That would be a good conversation. We'll of course be Arthur is no longer with us. So I don't care. That would be difficult. I means Gina Davis to be a little more assessable. 


I'll have a seance continue moving on. And one of the podcasts that I do listen to though, and if y'all don't listen, you should, I'm obsessed with disappeared, which is a disappear. It's an obsessed network podcast, but one of the women on it, she is on, she's been on Broadway. Her name's Ellen marsh. She's gorgeous. She's fantastic. You would absolutely love her. But when they were in college, you're talking about me when they were in college, B Arthur came to their school to accept an award. And she helps like went through the day. Patrick who's on the show was her like person for the weekend, but Ellen was running the event and they actually like just talked about it in an episode. 


And she said that the most amazing and scariest thing that ever happened to her around Bea Arthur was they were about to take a picture together, Ellen and, and be Arthur and B. She said B Arthur grabbed her arm and like squeezed her arm. And she looked at her and she said, you are f-ing exquisite. Yes, she's everything I wanted her to be. And so much more. Love her Gina. Call us be a fan and let you be Arthur. Call me, come to me in a dream. 


I don't care. I want to have a conversation with him. Look, there's a lot of people. I would love to have a conversation with Bea Arthur. One of them continue. I have another one of someone who has passed on Alan Rickman. Anyways. Can't think about them too much. I will cry. I know that I do. I always tell you to put gone too soon. Oh, go on Tuesday. We can't get there. Oh, I told you that. I saw a couple of years ago. I saw love actually for the first time and didn't realize, and I didn't know he was in it. And I guys, I see I'm stone cold and I have no emotions, but there were a few things that I, she does not emotion hared for. 


One of them is seeing otters. When I'm not expecting to see an Otter, I will cry. I didn't text her and say, prepare yourself, pair yourself. But yeah, she doesn't see their Alan Rickman or Otter's coming. Alan recommend gone too soon. But is, do you not know that that's what's coming when I tell you to yes. It's, it's one of those, one of those two things. Yes. Because I true. Like I will Alan Rickman just anyways. Okay. We need to move on. We have to. All right. I'm probably going to cut a lot of that out. Anyways. Our deaths in 1840, March 23rd, we have William Muchler. 


He is known as the father of American geology and rocks. I was going to say, you know, that I love my gemstones and everything. So whenever, whenever I see pretty rocks or crystals, I love them. That's the one that she got me check them out. And it's a fluoride. They are pretty, I love them. September 14th, Joseph Smith Sr died. He is the father of Joseph Smith, Jr. Who was the founder of the latter day Saint movement and July of 1840 Noah Beau murdered his neighbor. 


George Mikel Berry, over a dispute between the two families on December 30th, 1842. Noah Beau champ became the first person, legally hanged in park county, Indiana. That's very sad. Remember the last name? Beau champ. All right, making sure park county, Indiana is located in the Midwestern portion of Indiana along the Wabash river. Wabash is a fun word. The area has cannibal just Wabash. I don't know why that reminds me of like a beaver, like its tail where it's like, oh gosh, anyways, you're welcome. 


Isn't that what it sounds like you're never going to bash anyways. That might be where they got the name from. I don't know. You're welcome. The area has a population of about 39 people per square mile smaller than worrying park county was formed on January 9th, 1821 by an act approved by the state legislature. It was named for captain Benjamin Park who commanded a troop of light dragons at the battle of Tippecanoe dragons also just reminds me of like a macaroon that a dragon made my mind. 


Barack was elected as a delegate of Indiana territory to the U S Congress. And in 1821, he was appointed as a us district judge for Indiana. I guess it's fitting that a county was named after him. The county has 31 covered bridges and is self described as the covered bridge capital of the world. It is the site for the park county covered bridge festival. In October of each year. Typical attendance is around 2 million people, ma it begins on the second Friday in October and last 10 days, it includes locations in the area such as foxes overlook, boardwalk and park place, the waterfall, the historic mill, and of course covered bridges. 


I mean, it began in 1957 when a group of local women decided to hold a three day festival to accommodate the interested tourists, looking for information on the bridges and the county. That's kind of for anyone wanting to plan a trip, the covered bridge festival will begin on Friday, October 14th, 2022 at 9:00 AM. And it will last until Sunday, October 23rd, 2022, mark your calendars and eating week ago, there is a bridge called calmly bridge. There you get out of the 31. 


We know some, we know a couple of people that commonly refers to. So I found that very interesting as I was scrolling, I went, Hmm. All right, Noah Beau champ was born February 24th, 1785 in Maryland to Thomas Beau champ and Sarah Adams as an adult, Noah was described as over six feet tall with a ruddy complexion and quick to anger. There is one story regarding Noah and his young adult years when Noah had a disagreement with his father over slavery, Noah was a very religious devout Baptist, no word as to whether his family was or not. 


And Noah was very against slavery. The reason for this disagreement was because Noah's father owned slaves. Once Noah had been disowned by his father because of the argument he left for Kentucky, and then Ohio, where he met his wife, Elizabeth Adams, the couple welcomed their first child, Noah Beau champ Jr. In 1804 in Columbus, Ohio, but by 1811, Noah and his family moved to the Connersville township and Fayette county in what was then considered the Indiana territory. Noah opened a blacksmith shop and purchase a large tract of land. The family ended up leaving that area and they went to Edward county, Illinois, and they moved to Indiana to park county in the mid 1830s. 


I couldn't say mistake put for very long could they? Nope. They ended up in the sugar Creek township and their property line was right against the farm of the Mikel berries, Nichole paper. There were many times that Noah Beau champ and George Michael Barry got into major disputes surrounding their property lines. And the dispute between the men got pretty heated. But for the women, it didn't seem to be that serious. Considering miss Smiggle, Barry hired the boat champs daughter to knit for her. But after one of these knitting jobs in 1840 a dispute broke out among the women. 


Oh, and that is when things went south very quickly. The linen were keeping the peace that then they got all upset. They got all riled up. The Middlebury daughters were spreading rumors around town. And I put like little bees, Madonna, the buzzing ones though nail. And they were saying that the boat champ children's stole some leftover wool from the knitting job. Oh, I put scan period, Dell period, us period, Dell when I was, but when Noah Beau champ heard about it, he immediately went to George Middlebury and confronted him about what was said and tried to stop George's family from spreading more rumors about his children, be talking about our family. 


I need you to stop tell your girls to shut them up. So Noah started walking over to George's and decided to stop along the way and ask God for some advice I put, well, God must've been out of the office. He didn't wait for an answer because Noah stopped in a clearing along the way. And meat had been prepared in the area and a large butcher knife was left in the stump. I guess if you show up in an area and you see that you think there's a sign, he probably was really, really angry. I mean, I get it, but he saw it. And I said, I put a hard place to prepare me, but I'm not here to judge. 


After Noah consulted with God and apparently did not get an answer or got an out of office reply. He took the knife with him to Mickel berries, just in case the farm hands gave him any trouble. But when Noah knocked only George answered the door. Noah began yelling at George over his daughter's loose lips and spreading rumors. Coincidentally, the daughter was sitting in the living room and she got up and started yelling back at Noah. Oh no sass, her elders. I put this didn't go over. Well, no, no. And Noah told the daughter, quote, if you, as a man, I'd cut you into laces. 


And he showed her the knife. George reached forward to touch Noah on the shoulder and an attempt to calm Noah down. Instead Noah stabbed George in the chest, the force of Noah's stabbing him, caused George breastbone to crack due to the force of the blade. George died almost instantly. And Noah panicked and ran from the house making his way to the Wabash river. Hmm. Bipolar Ellis beaver. Adam is a tale is beaver. It can't make the noise. So I don't know. That's what I speak tonight. Like he, he was, no, he was running across the squirrels. 


That's what was happening. So I put no Stoller rowboat and use the river to escape from his crime. But as we all know, this didn't work. No once word got out that Noah murder George, a full on manhunt began without question, but no one could find Noah. I mean, you said that, that He reached out to touch him on the shoulder. I mean, do we know that that's really what has to happen? That's what this, I don't know. That's what was said again. I don't know from everything I could gather, it did not seem as though George was being confrontational. 


It seemed as though he was trying to defuse the situation. Don't know again, who really knows it was 1840. I mean, whose Statement was it Was that I think it was the daughter who of course is going to say, okay. I was just, Noah made his way to Texas and he borrowed money from someone to open his own blacksmith shop. Okay. So he skipped out on his family. Yep. Okay. Noah ended up being in massive amounts of debt. And one of the men, he owed money to saw the wanted poster for Noah in a local hotel. The poster was brought to the area by a traveler in April of 1841. 


Whale. Noah was not smart enough to use a fake name. When he got to town, what a goober and everyone knew who he was, the man who Noah owed money to. You went to collect the $500 reward that was out on Noah and Noah was quickly arrested by the authorities. I mean, come on, man. Two men came down to bring Noah back to Indiana for a trial. And before they even made it. So the river Noah broke free and knocked out. One of the men, he made a run for it. But the other man who came, tackled Noah and locked him in one of the cabins on the boat. What the authorities on the boat didn't know is that Noah took the sheets off of his bed in an attempt to make a noose and hang himself. 


The man caught Noah and they were able to cut him down once back to park county Noah's trial began and his lawyer tried to get a change in venue to get the case move for an unbiased jury because the case was so well-known. Well, the change of venue was not approved. After a long trial, Noah was sentenced to death on September 8th, 1842 gallows were constructed in Rockville, Indiana. And on the morning of December 30th, 1842 Noah's minister and friend, Reverend Newport gave a sermon outside of Noah's jail cell window so that he could hear it as well. 


Noah ate his last meal and told his family goodbye before he was taken out to the gallows. It shouldn't be a shock to anyone that there was quite a large crowd waiting. Yeah, there always Noah was asked if he had any last words. Noah simply said goodbye. And then he was hanged. The irony of all of this is that it happened before. Oh, We covered the case a while back for the year of 1825, when Jeroboam Beau champ murdered Colonel Solomon sharp, just like Noah Jeroboam also fled. 


And a massive manhunt took place. This was in episode 27 when we covered the Beau champ. Sharp tragedy. Yeah. Whale Jeroboam was Noah's cousin. And if you remember correctly, that is the one where the, they were together. No, the remember sharp apparently slept with the woman and she supposedly got pregnant and Jeroboam was defending her honor, even though her own brothers wouldn't do it. That's right. And then she, they tried to die by suicide, by her sneaking in poison, in her bosom, into the jail. 


That's right. And then their epitaph on their grave was like 12 paragraphs long. And he asked to be buried with his hand, his head or his hands in her bosom. Yes. That was, that was Weird. That was them. So Jeroboam was Noah's cousin. Yes. And that's the case I'll know about champ. I mean, I feel like number one sounds like he had, did have a bit of a temper, probably had some blood pressure issues. He already had one. So yeah. Was what I'm Saying, like with a ready complexion, most luckily he had some blood pressure issues because you know, Quick to anger. 


Yeah. Regarding, I mean, you know, Hey probably bring in a butcher's knife when you're angry. Not a good idea. Number three. I don't know that the victim, I don't know necessarily. We just go into 10 there's only. Yeah. And I, yeah. There's only one person there to say that story. So I, I don't know about that either. And I don't really know necessarily that she yelled at him either because really that really wasn't and I don't, you know, like the whole story of what exactly he said. And I mean that, I don't know. It Sounds kinda far-fetched, you know, probably embellished, I think is the best word there, but it does come down to the fact that there was a knife in the van and yeah. 


Yeah. That's yeah, that, that's what I was going to say. I mean, it all, it all just boils down to murder And he did, he flee. So that does imply his guilt right there yet. But if it was, you know, if it wasn't defense, then you know, he could have stayed, had been like, Hey, I went to confront him and he went to push me and we scuffled and I defended myself and Oops. Yeah. It, So, I mean, there, there was killed there. Yeah. Yeah. And we have a website where you can find any and all Owen, UC information you are looking for. 


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And remember there isn't always Liberty and justice for all. Unfortunately, unless you're a beaver and you live on Wabash river, goodbye.