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May 2, 2022

1845: The Berlin Murder Case

1845: The Berlin Murder Case


Join the ONUC gals this week on a particularly long episode covering everything from Johnny Depp and his connection to the West Memphis Three,  a man who murdered his wife just eight days after they got married, and another murder ballad to add to the annals of true crime. 

Recipe for Game Day Punch: 

  • Honey Whiskey
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice (NOT cocktail)

Whatever 'parts' of each you would like... I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. (xoxo love - Kayla)

Trigger Warning Level: Low

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Sources: The Berlin Murder Case: In Folklore and Ballad by Louis C. Jones and Murder By Gaslight

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You are listening to one nation under crime, a historical chronological, true crime podcast. Each week we go to our nation's history and discuss one case from each year, starting in 1800. I'm Kayla And I'm Leah. And guess what, what? Guess what? Number episode we have Hit 45 50. I haven't been paying attention D So that's why everybody got to hear a nice little champagne. Leah was wondering why I recorded A pop. We are going to have two champagne pops because Into the numbers, the 47, We always say that Leah just shows up and I all truly understand Any class. 


Isn't really hard to do a podcast. And I'm like, look, I just did the fence Stein. I just show up. And Kayla lets me eat her food, drink her beverages And Super yummy beverage earlier. She did. It has juices in it. And honey. Yeah, it's called GameDay punch. It's delicious Diet mountain Dew. Now, Do you ever, do you remember the, the mountain Dew case where the guy tried to Sue mountain Dew? Because they found out he found a rat in a can And they brought a judge on or not a judge, obviously there's a judge on stand. They brought a doctor like a researcher to the stance and he said, so mountain Dew won the lawsuit because doctor vectoring down. 


No, The doctor said that it was physiologically impossible for a rat to still be alive or not like alive, but in one piece in that can, after the amount of time it had been bottled because due to the components of mountain Dew, it would Have broken it up. I Have already been like liquefied by the time he got it. And I'm like, what's that doing to my insides? It goes through. Yeah. It sticks to you to somewhere. Apparently. It's all good. So yes, we are to episode And we had Good times. 


Come on Another one. We'll have another champagne pop coming up because There, there you go. There You go. Not the same, but for clothes A bit. So yeah, we're going to have our one year anniversary coming up this month. So We will have been doing this for is. You are all welcome. It's gunna It's gone up a ma I hate It. 


Anyways. I saw so Lance bass did the dance for that on Tik. Talk to that one. I love Lance bass. I am aware I am not his type. I am not. However, so I was in, still Love Him. Then I was, I mean like I wanted him to be my boyfriend, like I love, So he was your Jordan night. See, Alison NK OTB girl and Jordan night was We'll talk about The crash Actually. 


What we'll talk about briefly and not in this episode. So Anyways. Yeah, so it was Lance bass and Nick Carter. So Lance bass and Saint Nick Carter, Backstreet boys, they were my two. So I've always been an insane girl. Always will be an incent girl Because you know, she's younger than me. Well, You're Choosing between two bands and one of them is called insane. Literally they are in sync or the back street, boys And Choosing, but New kids on the block, Even in my logical mind, I was like insane. 


Cause where it's at. I Mean, I understand. Look, if you ever watched the documentary about Lou Perlman, who was the one who started anyways, he's trash. He's all, I'll go ahead and point out. He's also dead. And you know that I do not subscribe to the concept of just speaking nice about people who are dead. Cause they're dead. Like I don't, I don't agree with it Just because you Die. It doesn't make you a Saint. I'm sorry. If You are Ain't with you on that. I said this in a video once, if you I'll clean up my language, if you are a trash person in life, you're still a trash person in death. I'm sorry. 


Unfortunately, Just because you're not physically here anymore. Doesn't mean that what you did when you were physically here, Doesn't still make you a Trash person. It doesn't mean it didn't happen. I mean, anyways it, yes. And the documentary about Lou Perlman was produced by none other than Lance bass. Well, there You go. Love him. He's if he's listening and I know he is, cause obviously I love you. I will totally be your BFF for life. God, He just talk to you. We're going to talk about still Precious. He was, he was doing the dance for that because, and he did it yesterday for the it's going to be nine. 


Yeah. And somebody was like, it's almost as if you've known it for 20 years. Like I can neither confirm nor deny. So This is also, even though it's episode 50, this is also a, another milestone in the podcast because I've been teasing that it's going to happen for quite a While. What is it We're going to start as of this episode Is of today Covering two cases per year. So I said that it was coming. We're honestly getting to the years where there's too many good cases coming up that we can't like, I can't choose one for the year. 


Like I just Indecisive. I am in, in some ways and others, not at all, we know this, But I can give examples. The Cases that we have, the cases That we have My in decisiveness is like, Kayla, would you like champagne or vodka to mix with your orange juice? That's when I become indecisive and I'm like, you know, what am I feeling? Am I feeling a mimosa or no? I will say I was at the airport. Oh, we're not going to go Report stories, friends, Anybody who is listening, who knows of my saga this week. Hi. Hi new friends. I know you were there. 


I know you all are listening. Hello. And <inaudible> Thank you for loving my friend. And they'll tell you, I was also very nice, Which is surprising. You just don't really know the real players head on her face. Zero Sleep proud of her. You're asleep, Baby. All grown up, make it. I was so proud. She gave a hug Like moose, you and Hugging people. I mean, I'm not 2:30 AM no alcohol. 


No nothing. I got, she was like, Leah, they are huggers. Yeah, Fine with, because everybody Is like, literally There, I've never met kinder human beings, which is in my life, Which is I am it. And it was like, oh, this is okay. This is happening. Just like, which is fine because I mean, they're Touching me. They're so nice. And like, I, I guess it's that? I don't like people. I don't know. I, I haven't quite figured it out yet. No. I realized that these people are good. And I guess, because like I knew them before I was There. 


Yes. It wasn't just like stranger reaching out to me. Yes. I know. Please, please. Don't misunderstand. Kayla's a great person. I love her very much, but I mean, I make her, let me hug her. I'll only get better. It has to go. This is like a really good hugging moment. Can I hug you? Or sometimes I don't ask. I say, Hey, I'm coming into hug. You it's happening. And knows when like I've reached my threshold. Like there's some times where I can't like, if I, Leah knows, one of those thresholds is if I am extremely upset and I cannot process my emotions at the moment, like don't touch, I'll be like, I really want to hug you at a, you can't handle a hug. 


I'm thinking all the happy, wonderful hugging things and a little, And I'm like, that's great. Now if you could off now, that'd be great. Yeah. If you just walk away, thank you. Yes. So I will say my airport tribulations, This, This, this I survived and thrive. Yes she did. She knew what you meant. You were pink Starburst. Yeah. Yeah. I found a bag of very Berry Starburst, jelly beans and its different Berry flavors. 


No cherry. So I don't know they're in the pantry. They're very good. We'll have to investigate. But yes. So this, this past week has been an interesting week for me and anybody who knows about my week knows how interesting it has been. So I intended like this week, I was like, you know what? Like, I'm going to, so like, I obviously like this, some parts of my life, I have to keep secrets. So like I can't fully talk about everything that's been going on in my life. So, but like big things have been going on and been happening. It's been, it's been a lot and a lot of like really good things, but also for me, like really overwhelming, just because like, it's just been a lot. 


And so I fully expected to have the research for these two episodes done. Like Monday Aliyah made the mistake of texting me at 8 48. Don't think I did not note the time when I looked at it this morning, Give me what time she needed to be here. And I had just gone to bed four hours. Oh honey, I'm sorry. I was like, I woke up. I had nothing but notification like not from you, but just For like A thousand things on my phone, notifying me. I had a slack notification. 


You know who you are. It's all I'm gonna say it was not me. It wasn't you. But I was talking to you. Nope. You know who you are. So we have some interesting cases this week to get into, we're going to do one case per year starting now. So I guess I'm going to have two cases per year. So we're going to do, but one case per week, but we're still doing two cases per year. So we're going to be in 1845 for two weeks. So everything's going to be split up a little bit differently. Things are going to go differently. Adjust realized I'm also going to have to redo the opening of the podcast anyways. 


So our sources for this week, one, this is going to kind of tell you exactly what this case is about our first source, G S T O r.org. Fantastic website. If you're looking email anything. No, but if you're looking for anything that if you're looking for like old documentation or old, what do you call it? Like a case study of something really, really, really good source for that. There was a will. I'm not going to read the whole thing. You can find it down in the show notes, but the title of it was the Berlin murder case. 


So that's one of our sources. And then the other source. Hi, Brad, murder by gas. I had to explain to, I had to tell some people had to re-explain. So those of you who do not know, we have named my designs in essay, agent Brad. He is a little bit too close for comfort. He's who washes all of my internet searches. And honestly he gets a little bit too close to a subjects he's onto me. And I just want, he needs to know that I'm aware of him. Honestly, he needs to know he's not flying under the radar. So I think every time murder by Gaslight is like pained in my internet search. 


I think it sends him a direct phone notification of like she's back on her BS again. Right. You know, and that's fine. You can also buy an original copy of the trial pamphlet on law book exchange.com. Interesting. It is described as a disband stab. Stitch pamphlet would cut portrait front piece of green to title page with moderate toning and light foxing with corners of a few leaves, dog eared and the lower right corner is lacking from final leaf of texts with minor loss. 


Well, at least it's not printed on skin. If this sounds like something you want to purchase for yourself or a loved one mother's day is coming on, you can purchase it for the mirror bargaining price, $500, $950, But it's not printed on skin so that We know of Our events in 1845, January 1st, the cobble hill tunnel in Brooklyn was completed January 29th. Oh, this sounds bad. 


I honestly want to give you several. This actually might be a Patrion coming up. I think I might give you several things and Several things and Then make you for Patrion gets you to a certain point and then make you read this as a monologue and see how far you can make it. <inaudible> this sounds, You know what I mean? It's going to be a truck history with Oh no, no. Leah doesn't get drunk. No, No, I don't Not when you're not with me, I don't get drunk The first time for everything. 


Anyhow, Edgar Allen Poe's the Raven was Published for the First time. See, you're already on it for the first time in the evening mirror. If anyone knows me, I love the Raven who Hasn't read the Raven, But I need to hear you read it out loud. I read it for you. I don't have to be no, No, no you do. I think that's the best part of it. Doesn't get drunk. Guys. Give us a vote. I'm I need, I need input. How many of you would love to hear Leah Reed do a dramatic reading of the Raven Do dramatic <inaudible> Don't don't listen to her guys. 


That's fine. Send those, send those messages to me. I'm the one that reads them all anyways. So It doesn't get any Here. February 1st, the charter officially creating Baylor university was signed, which is the oldest university shout out in the state of Texas Operating under its original name. March 1st, us president John Tyler signed a re whoop, signed a resolution. I was trying to say resolution and annex sing at the same time and it didn't work. No <inaudible> y'all knew what I meant. 


He signed a resolution and X-ing the Republic of Texas March 3rd. There are several events on this day, so we'll go through them. The us Senate overrode a presidential veto. The first time Congress authorized ocean mail contracts for foreign mail delivery and Florida became the 27th state of the union. What year Is this again? 1845. Okay. Keep Up. I'm sorry. I'm trying. Here's an e-brake now March for James K. Polk was inaugurated as the 11th U S president March 26, Joseph Francis from New York city patented a corrugated sheet, iron lifeboat. 


It probably didn't help on the Titanic, March 26. Also the same day a patent was awarded for adhesive medication plaster, AKA band-aids. Ah, I was going to ask April 10th more than a thousand buildings were damaged in the great fire of Pittsburgh. Yeah, there's great buyers of several different cities All the time, all the time, all the time. I guess every everyone has to have one, I guess, April 29th, making B Allen and Robert Morris Jr. Became the first black men to open a law practice in the United States. 


I, The second one also ties in with them. I actually went down a bit of a rabbit hole looking into this just because I find it fascinating. Do you see it On my face? I see it. It was just such a cool light. That is very, I always find things like that. Really interesting. Especially just Good for them. Very exciting. Yes. It's very exciting. And you know, It wasn't easy. It wasn't easy. And, and also the frustration of that, not being easy also sets into me making, be Allen. One of the first ones who also became, you know, the first one to open a law practice became the first black man admitted to the bar in Massachusetts. 


Well, I mean like just such a historic thing to happen and, and to be able to say like you were that person for something like that to happen, who came like you were so close and so far from history at that point, because like slavery wasn't even outlawed everywhere right at this point. And that's such a Trailblazer Too. And that is so insane to me to think about. Well, but then, you know, you think about, you know, I've told you, my dad never went to school. Yeah, yeah. With a black.in an episode. And that's just insane, Like one generation away from That. 


Exactly. We are so close. And so from those events at the same time that it is, it It's unimaginable. So many people can say that was so long ago, but It was Really think about, so think, think about it this way. Ask your grandparents, not even your parents, like, because Leah, please young. Thank You. We'll say I can't do it. I mean ask seriously though, ask your grandparents. If they're still living, ask them what it was like for them. 


And you will truly see like to you to say, oh, that's my mom's mom. That doesn't seem like that far removed from yourself. It really, it is Truly see how far removed that is, you know? Right. Like if your grandparents, my grandparents, my grandfather fought in world war II. Yeah. It's insane. Like, and you know, some people say like, oh, my grandfather was in Vietnam or things like that. And it seems Really found out about it. And it seems so far away mentally, but really think about how far away that truly was. 


Like the 16, like the Salem witch trial was far away. The 18 hundreds, like as far away, that's like two generations ago for some people, depending on how old you are. Like I think the oldest woman in the world, she just died last week. She was 119. Yeah. Oh, so she was born in what? Nineteen oh four oh three. I don't laugh. That sounds about right. Either way before she was born before 1910. Yeah. Imagine everything that person has seen from the point of no telephones, like really in your house to having an iPhone For the Titanic sank. 


I mean, it is insane. So truly like that to see events like this And all the things that have changed. I mean, So crazy. One thing that you, you made me think of when you said that it was the first law practice owned by black lawyers, the, the show that I watched it up until me Clear black men, specifically Men. Well, yes, yes. That patriarchy. That it Again less. Yes. Well, we're Still super proud, But Where were The black women at? But the, the show that I've, I've told you to watch the gilded age, you know, it is in the very early 19 hundreds and one of the characters in it, she is hired as a secretary for one of the white women. 


One of the very privileged white women. She is so very intelligent and she is a writer and she's trying to get her stories published in papers. And one paper says, Hey, we'll publish your writings, but we can't tell that you are a black. Yep. And that, and that is so we've gone through a lot of the people who were born and who died in each year. And you'll, you'll kind of see how I'm framing things that are going on in these episodes where we start to cover two cases a year. I'm kind of also in the first episode, we're going to go through the events. And the second episode, we're going to go through people who were born and people who died. 


But I'm also, I'm also going to pull from one of those people a bit more interesting about them and what made me do that as something that happens in our next episode, that is right up my alley, but I'm not going to be happy. It's not Edgar Allen Poe, even though we do mention him again anyways, Fascinating bass. So we're probably gonna do a USBs bottom, honestly. I think So, But it's so crazy because we do see when we're talking about these cases, we do see like women who it's like this woman published 200 plus stories, but she had to do them in <inaudible>. 


Yeah. And there's a town that's named after her, but it's not named after her. It's named after <inaudible>. But I love the fact that now the shows that are, are they show that they showed that this happened, whereas before none of this was really shallow And there's so much, I appreciate that it, that they do show that this happened. And there's so much, and I think doing this podcast especially has definitely shown you. And I'm more of the side of things is how much of history can be replaced when you don't know the history, It can just be swept under the rug Like it. 


And there's, there's a, there's a podcast out there. And I want to say, it's like stuff that your first grade teacher didn't tell you. And it's very similar. It's a lot of historical things that happened. That's like, yes, this happened. But like, we didn't know that on the Lewis and Clark expedition, like they were riddled with STDs because they were getting with all the native Americans along the way, like, and the native Americans were like, yes, please take them. Like, this is your quote payment for helping. Like that was not in our history. And even in, you know, I'm, I'm a Sunday school teacher and in Bible stories, It's so much of it. You cut out, Well, I don't Write. 


And you put up with you, put It at a child, love An age appropriate level. But I have had some friends who were like, oh no, well, we just don't tell that part. You know? No, we don't talk about it. They drank wine, but you know what, that's factual, but that's What happened. May, you know, tell their we'll park. There have been some things recently that have happened personally. I'll say that have been glossed over in such a way. I don't even think I've told you about, I'll tell you about it later. I don't know this that I quite agree with. Like you said, not telling someone the full story of what something is. 


Yes. Yeah. For age appropriate, but like let it, Yes. Let it be age appropriate, But let's tell the truth. Like people who don't want their kids, like this is just a good example, kid. People who don't want their kids to know that they drink. Yeah. Or to know that there are cuss words. Like that's one thing that, that often comes up. And I, and I've explained to Ellie because there are kids who have said cuss words in front of her that have kind of carried through. And, and I've just explained to her that I don't coin words as bad words are good words, because I think that words are words. And if you give words too much power as to saying good or bad, then they can affect you more in the long run of saying, someone said a quote, bad word to me that can affect you more than other things can. 


So I position it as that is a word you are not old enough to understand or use. Yeah. Period. And you're not, you're not in an age to say that, but I don't coin it as, oh, that's a bad, that's a bad word. And if you use that word that makes you a bad person. Yeah. That Doesn't make you a bad person. Murder makes you a bad person. Like, you know, like I just don't. And the same thing that goes with drinking is like, I may have a drink out like a glass of like champagne or a mimosa or whatever, sitting on the counter. And she's like, can I have that? And I'll say, no, you can't. And if she asks, why I'll say that's an adult drink and when you're an adult, you can have a drink. 


Like I don't. And that's that I don't, I don't just say like, some people joke around and say, oh, that's like, mommy's special juice. I'm like, get off like go, no, that's Stupid to say like That's when I think that stuff is Well. And I think that that, that culture is toxic, toxic, Toxic <inaudible> mommy, sippy cup and all of that. That's such as ridiculous. I think that the mommy's sippy cup group and the boss, babe group, I think they cross at some point, I Freaking hate people who call themselves babes too. 


Like, I don't like that whole culture, but I mean, what you're getting for Chris Boss, babe, sippy cup, throw it out in that Creek, in the backyard. But yeah. I mean, I totally agree if you're going to discuss history or if you're going to discuss like you do, you know, you teach Sunday school. If you're going to teach, if you're going to try and teach adult concepts, then teachers need to teach it. You don't need to say, oh, this never happened. Yeah. Now what happened? It happened. And we need to say that it happened, but yes, don't put it in terms that you would speak to as an adult. Well, and I mean, and I, and I do have to credit my parents with that because my parents, when I asked questions, they answered my questions truthfully, but they didn't give me any extra right Information. 


So there is a recent Disney movie that just came out on Disney plus that red turning red, Turning red and a lot. It is very good. It will bring you back to your new kids days. I'll say that it's set in the nineties in Canada And there's a boy band. And anyways, you would actually, I enjoyed it. Okay. I haven't watched it yet, But a lot of parents have Had been up in arms about it Because it does talk about preteen things. But I don't think it's a bad thing. 


Like Don't all kids become pre-write. So, I mean, like, sorry, if you don't want your kids to like, hear about this, then like, I guess get bored or, or if you don't want to, but it talks about like girls starting their period. And it talks that like, and it doesn't talk about it heavily, but it alludes to it it'll say like an offhanded comment or something. And it does talk about it is a coming of age movie where a girl is, the basis of it is that there's this curse or something in her family. That once you turn a certain age, if you get too like riled up or too, whatever you turn red. 


And in this case, you turn into a red Panda sounds Like teen Wolf. So it's like a metaphor for like turning into a young woman. It's like a total metaphor for it. But a lot of people have an issue with it. And I don't because they say, well, it teaches your kids one to not obey. No, it doesn't teach your kids to an auto baby. You, it teaches your children. And I think that people who have a problem with the movie, you need to analyze yourself before you have a problem with something. That's always my, my theory when it comes to anything is you need to think of why this is bothering you. Not A lot of times. Yeah. Not why this shouldn't be out there because there's nothing wrong with the movie. 


Like I've now seen it several times and I have a seven year old. Like she's not, you know, she's not at that age yet. Like to understand what that means, but I watched Greece when I was five, like, okay. And then you go back and talk to the Career manager. So it's just such a, it's such a, it's such a strange thing. And yeah, I definitely believe in, especially in just different things of man, just give your kids the best Tools. Yes. And then let them go and make their decision and Listen to them. 


Yes. And speak. Honestly. I mean, I don't have children, I don't have children. And I say that a lot because I mean, I have lots of friends that have children and I have lots of nieces and nephews and I did kind of go to school for sure. Right. Yeah. And I think that one thing that a lot of people always said is that Ellie has always spoke very intelligently. She's never Mean I didn't baby talk. I never did. Like, I know I've always spoken to her just as a person. Never. And that's, that's the thing. I mean, you know, I'm a mess with my nieces and nephews I talk with, but I've always speak to them Like they're humans because they, And for me, because I said so is never an answer. 


I've never made that. Now, if I've explained the concept five too many times, then that will become the answer. But if I haven't, it's always, I never will punish her for asking why. Yeah. Because sometimes you just Need, cause you need to know. So anyways, so this is a tangent episode. So anyhow, May 23rd, the N Y P D was formed and replaced the Nightwatch system. June 10th, possibly. My favorite, favorite fact of all time, OMA, Andrew Jackson's African gray parrot named Paul like Pauly, but Paul was removed from his funeral. 


Oh, was it saying cuss words for Swearing At the Hermitage Tennessee funeral at Tindi William Norman recorded quote before the sermon and while the crowd was gathering a wicked parrot, that was a household pet got excited and commenced, swearing so loud and long as to disturb the people and had to be carried from the house. OMA. I am this parrot, You know, one of my husband's former bosses, who is a sweet, sweet guy. 


They gave us a couch and chair and something else. I mean, precious, precious people had had an African gray. Well, there you go. There you go. Very smart. Barry just appears like This is bull And They're like, you gotta Go Mother <inaudible>, You are Fair At my funeral. It will be me at your funeral Planning, outliving Me. I'm going to, I'm going to dig up Michael and turn them into a tree. 


And so I can, I will be the one to, To carry through It was death wishes. Stop it. Stop it. July The fourth Congress in Texas voted for annexation into the us. July 14th. The first post-master's provisional stamp was issued in New York city, August 28 scientific American was published for the first time. October 21st, the New York Herald became the first newspaper to mention the game of baseball. October 22nd, the New York morning news different newspaper became the first to include a box score of a baseball game in print, go Braves December 2nd, president Polk announced to Congress that the us should aggressively expand into the west, which the newspaper editor, John O'Sullivan coined the widely Held Belief term manifest destiny. 


So it was a newspaper editor who coined the term manifest destiny. I just thought that was very interesting. I always thought that it was like a president, like a government thing. Nope. Now I know December 5th, the temp Lars of honor and temperance were founded in the United States. December 27th. We can all take a moment of silence for this as women. Okay. Anesthesia was used for the first time in childbirth, in Jefferson, Georgia by Dr. Crawford long. Thank you Dr. Crawford Long. You have no idea. 


Well, I mean, I really don't know That is true. I wasn't saying that, but I mean, I haven't experienced that. I won't experience it. I mean, I'm 42. So I mean, miracles happen. They do. However, Mary was quite young though. I'm happy to be aunt Leah and just brought out my days with that time. I told someone about that this past week as well, someone was talking about how they didn't think that, you know, they, they didn't think that that was like a path for them. And I was like, that's totally fine. Like, I was like, Leah doesn't want kids. She has it. And it's just like, it, it, you know, people almost make me feel bad as though I'm being selfish. 


And I was like, oh no, Leah will tell you. I love kids, but I love sleep more. Like she'll make you very aware. I mean, People, children who I am not even blood-related to call me aunt Leah and I, I mean, I buy them all the presents. I go to all of their functions, But you can be their Biggest fan. Give them candy And send them home and Peace out. I mean, cases heading to the house. I get it. Trust me. I love sleep. December 29th, Texas was admitted as the 28th state of the union. There you go. 


And then on to our case, this One, a Texas this week, Weirdly a lot of Texas, that's kind of funny. I didn't plan that because I wrote all of that stuff out several weeks ago. But interestingly, February 18th, 1845, Mary and Wyatt was found dead in her home just eight days after marrying Henry Green. That was a very short marriage. This week. We are in the small town of Berlin, not Berlin. It I was going to On it is in New York. It is spelled exactly the same, but I had to look it up. 


And one of the articles that popped up was 25 names of towns that you thoughts were said differently and Berlin. So it's Berlin, not Berlin. New York was in there. They were in Rensselaer county. And I put in parentheses, these peeps are everywhere. And it was named after Berlin. Germany. Pronunciation is not the same. The town was settled in 1765 and it was named in 1806. It was formed from the town of Petersburg. And it is one of roughly 16 Towns in New York, New York state that share a name with a German town, which I just thought was interesting. 


Peter, you said Petersburg. So lighters, Berg and Berlin. Both were, were some of I in like St. Petersburg. Yeah. I think it's roughly, I counted from what I could find. So roughly 16. Yeah. Yeah. There's just interesting there Isn't. Can I say, go For it? So their marriage, you said it was eight days. I thought my marriage was going to be shorter than that. True. He almost died. I did also discuss that this weekend, This past week, We're Talking about one of our most popular episodes is Lithonia Fisher. 


So we were talking about, and some of the people that I had spoken with had been to Charles Sentencer, you're talking about Charleston and we're obviously talking about the podcasts and Stuff. And so I Brought up the macaroni salad incidents. Oh God. So yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm just saying, I'm glad that, you know, It lasted a little bit longer. I mean, 20 years in counting, Which was funny because when I said, when I said something about, yeah, Leah, like the shoe, you know, she's been married for 20 years. Someone went, wait, what, when did she get married? 


So it was just, That's great. Can continue. I'm sorry. I just, you know, I'm proud that it, he did not succumb to the macaroni salad and he has blessed his heart put up with me for that line. You know, I think we're all a little thankful for that. So I'm proud of him. There isn't too much information regarding Berlin, even though I did try to find more. So anyways, we're going to go ahead and get into our case. Do it. The overarching thought most have today regarding true crime is that it's a relatively new concept. That it's a fascination. 


However, the journal article that I sourced at the top was published in 1936. And the way it opened was very interesting. Louis C. Jones said, quote, the American people have always been interested in crime news and murder trials. We think of this as a recent development in our national character, but anyone who has read our early newspapers or who is familiar with the popular murder ballads, and broadsides knows that interest in homicide has been long part of our folk ways, a case in point in this tremendous popular excitement around when in 1845, Mary Ann Wyatt, a temperance player who was murdered by her bridegroom of a week, Henry G. Green Denton, Which I thought was interesting because people always now were like, oh, true. 


Crime is such a new concept. So many people are new. And, and this was in 1936 article. But I mean also think about how many people came when they were public hangings. Oh, just wait. But I mean really, I mean, so Like, no, it's not a new thing and that's, what's so funny is people, oh, women they're always interested in true crime. One, no men are interested in true crime as well. Look, if we know that's the most likely way that we could die and we're going to look into how it could happen. So How are we going to avoid it? But anyways, we're going to start with Henry Henry G. Green was born in 1823 into a well-off family in Rensselaer county, his mother, Sally, his mother was Sally, but his father, we actually, I couldn't find his name by the time of this year. 


Well, by the time of this case, his father had already died. So I don't Still, if it was a well-to-do family, you would think There's not even a Wikipedia page on this case. It was very hard to kind of find some information for so Well-to-do family, you would think there would be more, Exactly more Information on them. Exactly. There was only the information that his father was deceased by the time of the incident, Henry started working when he was 16 as a clerk in a nearby town of Troy, it is likely his experience in Troy's. What led him to return to the town of Berlin and open a store of his own in 1842. This Also happened right as he was expelled from the local Baptist church For intoxication. 


I put Baptists don't like that, but No real explanation as to what exactly that meant, But just look, We'll assume With, Hey, What's the what's, what's the difference between Presbyterian and Baptist Baptist? Won't speak to you in the liquor store. There you go. That they're still there. That shit why he was expelled from the Baptist church, because It could have been quite intoxicated with the young woman. You don't know. We, Hey, Look, Based off of our definition of prostitution, we figured out that you are one ma'am. So, you know, No you're Also intoxicating, so you can Get kicked out of the bed again. 


Am I Wrong? Am I wrong? Am I wrong For me? There you Go. However, I'm fine with it. Okay. And as long as You're okay with it, fine with it. And since It's a social Choice, honestly, at this point, Just two years after the opening of his store, there was a suspicious fire. The insurance company did end up paying for the damages, but his uncle Joel Mallory was the director of the insurance company at the time and Was likely the reason for the claim being paid. Ah, interesting. 


That will come back. Henry honestly just didn't know when to quit because in the same year of the fire, he also participated in a riot. The right began as Henry and 11 of his friends as native Americans and proceeded to storm the local jail to free maybe a friend. I couldn't tell who this guy was to them, but his name was Skyler Jones and he was set to be transferred to Troy the next day for our trials. Since we know about Henry's involvement, then we know he was eventually caught and the case was settled with Henry paying $125 fine, which is roughly $4,700 Today. 


I Just put, bro, just stay out of trouble or at Least lay low for awhile. He, at the same time of all of this occurring, Henry had a romantic tryst with a young woman named Al Zena Godfrey, Xena, what a name And another person in this name, Dalvin as well, which is very interesting. Wow. It must've just been a name around that area at the time that was popular, but Aus, you know, Henry's best friend later claimed that the relationship lasted the entire summer of 1844, which was the same time as the fire and the store and the same time as the riot. And it was made clear that Al Zena's father Josiah was quote, considered a man of large property. 


I put AKA He Loaded. It's It's interesting that this is brought up by his best friend. And it makes you wonder if the reason this relationship didn't last is due to the events that had already occurred that year. And maybe Henry wasn't viewed as a good fit for Alsina after all Henry's family was considered well off, even after the death of his father. And since Henry and Alvino would be in the same social class, there wouldn't really be too many other objections to them being together. Alena is not the victim in our case. Yeah. 


Okay. Let's just stop for a second. We're About to stop again in a second. So I go for Him, the doctor can this precious little baby, There's another one coming up. So just, just beyond just That you're looking at her, I even looked up pronunciation for this name and it was either Alsina or All <inaudible>, which just made me think of Beals above for some reason. I mean, and you're looking at her and you're like, she is, I share a Covina. She is precious. What should we name her? Alvina I'll say, oh, you know, I seen her that, that's what we, we shall call this precious Xena. 


The warrior princess was a really good show. Yes. But I mean, I'm just saying Xena we'll call people. I mean, okay. There could be worse. I just, I just want it to just call that. It's fine because we're going to call something else to attention. And right now on to Mary Ann Wyatt, I put BTW, we're going to call her Maryann because it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. You know What I was thinking, Mary Gilligan's island And Mary <inaudible>. 


You ever noticed that the girl's name and Scooby-Doo in the Scooby-Doo live action, the blonde it's Amy Adams. Her name is Mary Jane. I Don't really remember that. Maybe some We've watched it several times. Obviously my daughter loves Scooby-Doo. That's kind of funny that that's her name, But her name is Mary Jane and her and shaggy like each other, which is very funny anyways, Very appropriate. So we're going to jump off on another tangent for a moment because I feel that it is necessary. But I did put for those peasants who do not recall the 1951 version of Disney's Alison Wonderland, the white rabbit calls Alice, Mary Anne, because he thinks she is his maid. I'm speaking of which again, this is where the tangent comes in. 


I'm going to insert here that yes I am following the Johnny Depp trial. And in true Kayleigh form, I have opinions. I saw somebody said I, so since forth, be referring to her as Amber turd. Yeah. For anyone who isn't aware of this tidbit, I'm not going to speak to the trial at this moment. What I will speak to is this in this, there is a reason for anyone who also isn't aware, Johnny Depp has had a major impact on the true crime community. And I'm sure many people are not aware of this. 


If you aren't actually familiar with the specific Case, he is my favorite actor. He's pretty great. He's my favorite actor period. So anyways, let's get into it. Johnny Depp was one of a slew of celebrities that supported Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Ms. Kelly, Jr. Collectively known as the west, Memphis three, all of the support of several of these people that the men are out of prison today, for those who are not aware, the three men were wrongfully convicted of the murders and other celebrities that also quite literally put their money where their mouth was other than Johnny dept or Margaret Cho. 


She's the assistant and drop dead diva. She's also in 30 rock and sexy Is Musicians such as black flags, Henry Rollins and parole jams, Eddie Vetter, and Natalie mains of the chicks, which formerly was the Dixie chicks and Peter Jackson, who was the director of Lord of the rings, all of these celebrities. And several more collectively got together to put their money exactly where their mouth was and support these men. I found this quote, this is for me 2012 interview with Damien Echols, who was one of the three men who was let out of prison after a very long time. 


And Damien knuckles said, quote, if it wasn't for Peter Jackson, and if it wasn't for Eddie Vetter, I really honestly have no idea what we would have done. Johnny has been with us. Johnny Depp has been with us every single step of the way since I got out, we did the book signing the other night in New York. And he was there for that. You know, obviously this isn't helping his career in any way. This is something he's doing entirely to help me. We've grown to love him dearly. He's become like a brother to me. We will always love him dearly. And like that is, that has nothing to do to help you as a human being. 


And anyways, we will eventually cover the case of the west Memphis three. And honestly it will probably wouldn't be one that is a multi-part or M honestly, probably one of the most emotional cases that I'll ever recover, because I have such a soft spot for wrongfully convicted criminals one. And if my dad had lived in this area at this time, he would have been lumped in with these men because my dad was an odd bird. Like he just was, he in, this was a case where people, the satanic panic was a massive thing at this time, which the satanic panic was never a thing. 


It was fully fabricated by the media. And this was a thing at the time. And these three guys, like they were just weird dudes. Like they were like, oh, they had this book and this book and this book in their library. And I'm like, dude, you want to come and look at the books in my library? Cause that would be going to jail right now with them too. Like, I mean, I have a book, literally my computer is sitting on the encyclopedia of murder. Like these men, Brad would rat you out. You know, Brad already has honestly, but it was just, there was no, there were, there was no physical evidence to tie these three men to the trial. They forced a confession out of one of them after keeping him there for ever questioning him about the murders. 


And he wasn't there verifiable proof that this guy I was in school when they were saying he was murdering people and it never happened. And it's so frustrating because these men never once faltered that they were innocent, never once. And it took so west of Memphis was a documentary that came out. That was what a lot of people saw that kind of pushed them into supporting these men who Damien Echols was in solitary confinement and on death row. And the other two men were in prison for life. And it's just a very, it's hard to hear. 


And it's hard to listen to because the thought of being solitary for 2020 years, oh my gosh. And being on death row, when you did nothing, except be weird, like you were weird and that was it. Like it, it's just, it's very frustrating to me. Johnny Depp though, was one of the people who in this case, and a lot of people are not aware that he was also a part of this case because a lot of people know about Peter Jackson who was the Lord of the rings director who helped a lot with this case. But it's collectively, the supporters are now calling for justice for the west, Memphis six, as opposed to the west Memphis three, while it was referred to as the west Memphis three due to the wrongfully incarcerated men, it has changed to six because the actual murderer of Steve branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers is still out there and has been since 1993. 


So they call collectively for the justice of the Westmont office six because the three men had to do an Alford plea, which very quickly basically means you were saying, I'm not guilty, but I'm saying based off of everything, I know they could put me in prison. And the only way that the judge put forth that the three men could get out of jail was if they put forth an Alford plea, which is not okay. And there's a lot of things that have come to light with that. Anyways, a circuit judge has ordered. And that's kind of the reason why I'm inputting this here, which was just a really good time around in my ADHD brain. 


A circuit judge has ordered a hearing on June 23rd of this year. So guys like next month, there is a hearing to decide the dispute about retesting evidence in the case of the state of Arkansas versus Damien Echols. If you want to make a difference in a case, this is your opportunity. Please email mail tweet, send a pigeon, send a fax. However it's going to get there. Two representatives in the state of Arkansas regarding the case and push for the retesting of this evidence. What they were pushing for is there were ropes guys not to be too in depth with this case. 


Cause I w I can't discuss it that much because honestly it really does affect me. These were boys. I mean, boys who were more brutally murdered and assaulted Who have not received Justice. Yeah. There is the ropes that were tied around them have still been in evidence. And there is testing today that could be able to, that we found on the ropes and they are trying to push for the testing of those objects to find, You're saying, there's technology that has been developed home. Now that was not available back then, We are pushing for this to be retested to you, try and not necessarily like, yes, the quote west Memphis, three, the men they deserve for their names to be cleared because they haven't been for so long and they were in prison. 


And, but also more so, and even Damien Echols, who's kind of like the forerunner of this movement of trying to not only get his name exonerated, but he's much more on the side now of he wants to find justice for these three boys. Yeah. He Is pushing for this to be done. Guys. It has taken a long time for a circuit judge to agree to a hearing because there is a lot of corruption in the county that they are in. They have said that events that has gone missing, which wasn't, it was literally like found in the basement. And they were like, oh no, it all was destroyed in a flood. And then somebody came in and was like, it's all right here. 


Like, it's not Gone. There's so much corruption in this case. And guys it's been since 1993, It has, I was still in high school. I was at least born, but it's been almost 30 years since these boys were brutally murdered. I was in middle school. Well, there you go. Depending on when in 90, But they still have no justice now. And there is, I will not say the name of the person who the evidence has strongly pointed towards. I will say the information is out there. If you go to look for it. 


And however, I will not be the one to say the information, all I will say is that the person was very close to one of the boys And we want justice served. Now I've never, this is the first time I'm hearing of it, but it's just, this needs to be served. It does, it does need to be served in, and these men's names deserve to be clear. Absolutely. And it's just sad to me and really Their lives have been ruined More than anyone knows. And it's very unfortunate. And like I said, like this could have easily been my dad. Like my dad was just one of those guys that like listened to music that people probably thought was kind of weird. And he had black hair and rode motorcycles. 


And like, you know, it was just one of those guys that like, he was kind of like on the fringes of society, kind of like a little bit of an outcast To the beat of his own drum. And it's like, so were these guys, but that doesn't make them a murderer, like, and just, it's insane. So please, please, please. Like, if you want to make a difference, please, like I know Julian pensive volley from the obsessed at work and true crime obsessed, like she's already been blocked by some of the like Arkansas representatives because she's actually friends with Damien Echols and his wife. And if anybody is wanting to know more, I know this took a bit of a left turn, but I just listened to the first episode from the new series on the obsessed network with Jillian Pensa volley. 


And it's called let the women do the work, which honestly yes. And she, she talks to Lori D she's the one that runs the Hamill cast. Okay. Yes. So Say that Exactly. So she'd actually talked to Lori Davis who is Damien Echols wife. And honestly, anything that we, as a podcast can try and do and, you know, ask people to get justice for these kids and these men, like I have to do it. I have to ask it's it's any, if you haven't listened to that episode, it is very good. And it actually opens with the first, she talks about the first time she ever talked to Johnny Depp on the phone and that when she answered the phone, she said he started talking and I knew exactly who he was. 


And like, I w I'm not going to say anything specifically about the case he's involved in until it's over. I'll say I have strong opinions and I don't know all the ins and outs. I haven't followed every piece of it, but I just, I thought it was funny when I saw that on Facebook. I'm only referring to her as Amber. Yeah. Yeah. I will say that Dior has stood behind him from the beginning. And I will say that the price Dior has compensated greatly recently from people supporting Dior because they did not leave his side. 


I will say there are a lot of times where I believe victims should be believed and victims obviously should be given that respect. However, when those allegations might not necessarily be accurate, I'll stand on the side of justice before anything else. So, and I believe that that Gender doesn't indicate the Correct gender does not indicate victim. And that's all I'll say about that. So Marianne And those, You know, Marianne was born in Thorton, New Hampshire in 1822, and she was one of eight children. 


And I put, yes, don't even ask at the age of 18 Maryann and her brother David left home to work for the next three years at a mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, the two then left when Marianne was 21 and joined a traveling temperance group, performing a play in each town, they visited called the reformed drunkard. Oh, it sounds like a blast. I mean, it's suspected that this version of the play was a stolen and reworked rendition of a place simply called the drunker that was produced by none other than PT Barnum in November of 1844, the group performed in Washington market in Troy. 


And then on December 30th, they began a three night run in Berlin where it's likely that Henry saw Mary Ann for the first time. They continued on with their performances in Hancock, Massachusetts, then to Lebanon Springs. They weren't alone though because two men from Berlin only referred to as Palmer and Crandall followed the group there. That was when Marianne and Henry met for the first time. Henry continued on with the group to new Lebanon, along with another man named Lyman Bennet. And initially he just sang with the group, but then Henry gained enough courage to, to have an actual part in the play. 


Let me just point out its whole Arius that he was kicked out of the Baptist church due to intoxication. And now he's performing in a play called the reformed drunkard. I mean, irony, the connection between the two was hard to miss. And it was said that her brother David took notice that Ann was asking for the arm of Henry for protection more than her brothers love at first sight, by February of 1845, the two either left the performing group or the group broke up. But regardless Maryanne asked her brother for permission to marry Henry David approved and Maryann David and Henry Marianne, David Henry, and Lyman Bennet went to Stephen town, where they had previously performed. 


Now, the dates here are kind of important and it was either on a Wednesday, February 5th or a Thursday, the sixth that they returned back the soon to be grim. And bride's brother left for Berlin to start immediate preparations for the wedding on the eight, Henry invited several guests to the wedding that was set for the 17th. These guests included his friends. Alson Niles Porter, Denison Alsina and Mary Rhodes, who were daughters of the green family's physician and his former love Alsina Godfrey. 


I put a new Xena There's two. So there's an there's an Aldina roads. Yeah. She was the daughter of the family physician and then Godfrey, who was his letter? Henry left on the 10th to go back to Stephen town, to collect his fiance. And in a surprising turn of events, they got married on the 10th. Instead of the 17th, the wedding was performed by elder spoon in the Christian chapel and the bride's brother. David Wyatt was the witness they say in the town for a few days, and then came back to Berlin on Tuesday, the 12th, David went to stay with Wyman Bennet in the newlyweds, moved into the residence of the wholes who we'll call it from here forward. 


The whole house. And Marianne had actually stayed with this couple while she was performing in Berlin a few months before. So she knew them. It was carefully noted that Marianne was in perfect health at the time carefully Noted On Wednesday, the 13th, Sally green Henry's mother and his sister arrived in town, but Sally didn't run immediately to meet her new daughter-in-law. Instead she went to the Tavern, which was diagonally across the street from the whole house that the newlyweds had just moved into. Once Sally was settled, she called for her son to visit her. 


Thankfully for us, there was a nosy Tavern maid named Paulie and boon. I Mean nosy, Nosy, Pauline. I mean, Paula is a good name for a night. She, Same name of that bird pressed her ear against the key hole to hear what was going on. We know this because she testified in the later trial. Pauly said that the two were speaking in hushed tones and it was quite difficult for her to hear the conversation. I mean, as if somebody was trying to have a private conversation, it is a bit rude that they wouldn't speak a little louder. 


So I can hear your private conversation would do Not place pick up a little bit. God. So rude. Anyways, China hair hill Ween. Polly said that the two were speaking, like I said quietly, but what she did gather was Sally telling her son that she knew what character Mary Anne had played in her performance. And she believed that she had the same attributes and her real life as well. Henry told his mother that Mary Ann was virtuous and that he married her for love. Later that evening, Henry told his friend Alston Niles about the conversation he had with his mother. 


And he repeated the fact that he married Mary and for love and that if he were to compare his past love Alsina with then Marianne was better in all ways. Nows can never quite remember what Henry said about his mother's opinion of the marriage, but it was clear that Sally never went over to the whole house to meet her new daughter-in-law. She did not approve Jesse. I mean, Interesting. The next day, Henry put together a sleigh ride for his friends as a compensation for him getting married without them. 


Alsina Godfrey was in attendance. Oh, the jilted one Group left Berlin around noon headed for host sick. And they stopped at the home of a friend along the way, something during the ride was said between Alsina and Henry. And even though it's not clear what it was, Henry started to regret the decision of getting married to Mary Anne Lewis Jones wrote in the article that I cited at the top quote, whatever it was with whatever intent it was potent enough to change Henry Green from a happy bride groom to a headstrong murderer. Some believed that Alvina mentioned her intent to marry Henry herself and that she expressed disappointment in the marriage. 


However scholars have put forward that it is most likely that after Henry had been away from Alsina for several months, he likely felt the previous spark between the two and longed for the financial and social standing that came along with the relationship, as opposed to Marianne who was quite the opposite. The group arrived back from their sleigh ride around 10:00 PM. That Thursday evening also take note that Mary Ann did not go with the group she stayed behind because she was afraid of catching a cold on the sleigh ride. I was going to ask if Marianne was She there? Hmm. But by Monday mornings And curious, sir, Alison, But by Monday morning, Marianne Wyatt was dead just eight days after her marriage, But not from a coal. 


She was afraid of a cold should have been worried about some males. Henry was the immediate suspect. Once the events following the sleigh ride were collaborated with everyone after Marianne's death at the trial on July 7th, the events unfolded. And it was revealed that the day after the sleigh ride, Henry went to the family physician and told him that Marianne wasn't feeling well. And he obtained some, it says Physic Pills Like it almost, but it almost looks like psychic, but it's not. So anyways, he went and got some opium pills that he made look like the medicine that he received from the doctor, thinking that they would kill Maryanne, How precious, But all they was make Barry and very sick. 


And she vomited immediately after taking them. So they Didn't get in her system. Didn't take care of business. He went to the Tavern with his friends that evening. And instead of seeming like his usual joking self, he was very serious. Henry was talking to the local school masters at the bar and made an offhanded remark about putting some, our snake out around the store because he had a rat problem since the store had been closed up since the fire. I mean, Dude, Henry wondered aloud how much they thought it might take to kill a person. 


And one of the men said that he heard that the amount held on the end of a knife would probably do it later. Henry slipped behind the bar of the Tavern, found some arsenic and took it with him. Henry was awfully attentive to his wife over the next few days. He hovered by her bed and took special care to give Mary and the quote medication given to him by the physician. Marianne kept declining on Saturday night and into Sunday on Sunday evening, David Wyatt, her brother took the doctor downstairs and asked what the chances were that his sister would survive. This. The doctor informed him that he didn't think she would live through the night and that David should be the one to tell her. 


David went back to Marianne's bedside and said, Mary, the doctor thinks you can't live. She replied must I die and not see my mother. She turned to her husband Henry and asked him, Henry, have I ever deceived you? The question startled Henry. And he left to run some errands quickly. He first went to the stable to take care of the horses. And the stable was connected to the Tavern where he went to grab another bottle of arsenic from behind the counter. But in his rush, he forgot to replace the bottle. 


Henry said later at his trial, that this is when he started to feel remorse for how Mary was suffering back at the house. Marianne told David that Henry had been putting a white powder in her drinks. And she thought that the powder was making her sick. She asked David to bring the doctor to her and she told him at the trial, the doctor recalled quote, Ms. Green. He calls her Ms. Green. I never call her Ms. Green. I've always called her Maryanne Wyatt. She, he doesn't serve anyways. After I sat down by her bed that after taking those pills, which Henry had given her on Friday, she had been in the most awful distress. 


And it seemed sometimes that she could not live. She said, quote, Henry has been feeding with it's not correct. English. Henry has been feeding my with white powders ever since I took those pills. He has put it into my coffee, into my broth and almost all my drinks yesterday. I asked him for some drink, he got some turned his back to me, took a paper from his pocket and dusted something into it. That was white. He gave it to me. I asked him what he put in it. He says a little flour. I drank it and it distressed me very much. 


Once Marianne had died, her stomach esophagus and part of her intestines were removed and sent to the chemistry department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They were all positive for arsenic. Henry Green was found guilty for the murder of his wife, Maryanne oh, was sentenced to hang by the neck until death on September 10th, 1845. Henry tried to appeal his case and had several wealthy lawyer friends try to help him, but nothing but nothing was going to change the court's mind. They called Henry insane. They begged for some time so that the legislature could change the murder laws. 


They requested time for Henry to adequately prepare for death because, you know, he gave his wife so much of that time as well. Me Henry was so sure that he would be reprieved, that he even helped his cellmate escape from the jail, but didn't try to escape himself. Well, isn't hate pompous. In the end, everything was refused. And on September 19th, Henry was hanged. It was a private hanging with only 50 spectators, but outside the jail yard Alsons had gathered for the event. Five days after the hanging Henry's confession was published in it. 


He proclaimed the innocence specifically of his mother and Alsina Godfrey, but offered no explanation as to why he murdered Marianne. The murder of Marianne was greatly effected. Yep, Nope. Yep. The murder of Maryanne greatly affected Berlin and a monument was erected in her honor. It was inscribed saying, quote, this monument is erected by the citizens of Berlin in memory of Mary Ann Wyatt, the wife of Henry G. Green, who was married February 10th, 1845. And on the eighth day of the same month was poisoned by her husband with arsenic without any real or pretended cause beautiful, intelligent, and virtuous. 


She was whipped over by the community and violated law justly exacted the life of her murder as a penalty for his crime. Wow, but That isn't the only legacy that Mary Ann left behind. Oh, Ma Her murder inspired a number of murder ballads. Oh, ma as Burt said in the American murder ballads and their stories, quote, this case had everything about a deer could ask for a rich young man, a beautiful bride, passion, jealousy, married bliss, and tragedy, practically everyone who could make a rhyme. 


It seemed composed versus about the crime. There are at least seven known versions of the story in song with titles, such as the arsenic tragedy, the Berlin murder case, the murder of Ms. Wyatt and the murdered wife or the case of Henry G. Green around 1885, Mary Ann Wyatt's body was exude to make room for new plots for buildings. When her coffin was brought to the surface, it broke open, revealing a white skeleton and rotted clothing. 


However, I found this super interesting and also, well, I found it interesting, but also like kind of beautiful and sad. So over the head and shoulders were cascades of beautiful long Auburn hair. It was only visible for a moment before a gust of wind quote, shattered it into nothingness, Which was just Like, Like she was flashed. That's kind of what, And for it to be like red hair and just like that, like, I mean, her skeleton was like, had been in there. So it was just this white and then like this bright Auburn gorgeous hair. 


And then just like the wind came and just, And that's kind of how, what her marriage was. It was just a flash. Yes. Okay. It was just Such a beautiful, Sad. I can go with him. So are you ready for the ballot of Mary Wyatt? Lay it on miss Alyssa, Come listen to my tragedy. Good people, young and old and awful story that you shall hear it's will make your blood run. Cold concerting. A fair damsel. Mary Wyatt was her name. She was poisoned by her husband and he hung for the same Mary Wyatt. She was beautiful. Not of a high degree in Henry. 


Green was wealthy as you may plainly. See, he said, my dearest, Mary, will you become my wife. I will guard you and protect you through all the gloom in life. Oh Henry. I would marry you. I would give you my consent. But before that we'd been married. I fear you would repent before we'd been married long. You'd make me a disgrace because I'm not as rich as you. Which off-time is the case. Oh, Mary dearest, Mary, how can you grieve me? So I'll vow and Claire, that all is fair. I'll always prove true. But unless you consent to become my wife, you'll surely ends my life for no longer do I wish to live unless you are my wife believing that he was true. 


She then became his wife. But little, did she think poor girl that he would end her life? Oh little. Did she think poor child and litter? Little? Did she explain the, he would end her precious life. They had been been married, but not a week or two. When she had taken ill, great doctors were sent for to try and powerful their skill. Great doctors were sent for, but none of them could save. And soon it was proclaimed that she must go to her grave. When her brothers did hear of this straight, did they heard to go saying sister, dear you're dying. 


The doctor tells us, so saying sister, dear, you're dying. Your life has ended in saying, have you been poisoned by the one you call your friend? I'm on my death bed line. And I know that I must die. I know I'm going before my God and truth. I won't deny. I know my Henry's poisoned me, dear brothers, and for him sinned for, I love him now as dearly as when he was my friend, when Henry heard those tidings straight away to his wife to see saying Mary, my dearest Mary, was you ever deceived in me three times. She called dear Henry and then sink into a Swoon. 


He gazed on her indifferently and in silence, left the room. Now Henry has deceived me how my poor heart is wrong, but when I'm dead and buried, oh, don't have poor Henry hung. I freely have forgiven him. And she turned upon her side and heaven meet me Henry and she sweetly smiled and died. Whoa. And that is one Of these several wow. Ballads. I'm sorry. I'm sure she was, but this was, yeah, I, this is a Poetic, it Was very much to try and paint her As sure as the Larder, the oh, my husband would never, but yeah, so it was very interesting. 


So That Is epic. So 50. So you know, it was, There you go. It was a good one. And I thought that for episode 50, I mean, who doesn't love a good murder ballad, Speaking of Natalie mains and the chicks. Goodbye Earl. It's all I gotta say about a good murder ballad. The first time I heard that song, I Always connect it back. You know, the first time I heard that song was when I went to a concert, went to Tim McGraw and Dixie chicks concert. 


And they were, it was a new release that had not been on the radio yet. And it was the first time I heard it. I was with some sorority sisters and like it was in concert, got a little, They were one of the first concerts that I ever went to My first concert, new kids on the block There. One of my first, my food, My first concert. I have to think about it, but Sorry. Yes. So Yeah, but I mean, being with your girls in here and you know that the lawn had to die, we were like, it was awesome To me. 


Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. And her name was Marianne. Mary <inaudible>. Have you seen the shirts that say some of y'all don't know what happened to Earl and it shows, yeah. I, so gosh, that music video was Hilarious. Hilarious. It was so good, but they've always been like, Ugh, I'm sorry. I understand people love Stevie Nicks. I get it. I a hundred percent do. I'm sorry. Their version of landslide Is awesome. Version Haunting. 


Like I love a good, like people don't a lot of people don't understand what that means, but like, I good. I love a good like haunting version of the song where it's just like, it sticks with you. And it's one of my favorite karaoke songs, too Songs in a minor chord that Tension in a song Like whiskey lullaby with Paisley and Alison crimes. That's a really good one too. What's the other one? There's somebody else who did a song? Barry, Sheryl Crow and kid rock. Did that song. <inaudible> but that's the song. 


Oh my gosh. What is the name of it? I mean, I someone's screaming. It, It's not me. I love Howard, but like we both have phones within reach Here. Let's see. Is it picked? Like Can't think of it, But Have you got it yet? 


It's fricking called picture, But what? Yeah, but Oh Yes. That is it Such a good song? There we go. <inaudible> That's another one of those that's like, it's like whiskey lullaby with, with Alison Krauss. Like it's Such a sad Picture. I can listen to whiskey lullaby. I can't listen to like, it cannot take me off guard. 


That's one of those songs that like, I can't, it can't be Repaired And off guard because it is like, oh gosh. And I So beautiful. It is, it's such a beautiful song, but yeah. And it's such good songs, but landslide, Natalie means honestly just is. She has a great voice, Just like her as a person. And they have a song called I'm not ready to make nice. I don't know that one. I know they're old stuff. Well, You would Anyways. It's such a good Song anyways. You love me. It's It's they wrote it after everything with George Bush happened and people were like running over their CDs and people were like sending them death threats and she It's such a, it is another haunting song. 


That's in a minor chord. That is just, it's so beautiful and like such an empowering song because she says like, I'm not ready to make nice. Like I'm not ready to back down. I'm still mad as hell. And I don't have time to go around and round, like it's too late to make it right. And I probably wouldn't if I could, but I'm mad as hell. And I'm not going to change myself to think what you think that I should. And it's just such a good, like, she talks about, you know, Thinking about people. Who's like kids wrote them letters and she's like, you know, The people who think that they're going to write me a letter and say that it'd be better if I just shut up and sing her, my life would be Over. 


And she just talks about how it's just such a beautifully, amazing song that they created out of such a tragedy that she was like, basically I'm an artist. I'm not a politician. I'm not going to take back what I said. I said what I said, and for you to have the reaction that you did because of my words Is not okay. And she was basically like, I'm the whole point of it is like, I am not ready to make nice for everything that was said. And it's just such a good, because no, like, just because you didn't agree with what a president did doesn't mean that someone should send you a letter telling you to kill yourself. 


No. And it's just, I just think there was wrong on both sides because no, you don't have to agree with what your president says, but you also, You can voice your opinion. Yes. There's a documentary on it that pulls more into what was actually said and what happened. Sure. And it was twisted in the American media And it was, she was going to come out and apologize and say something about it. And basically like their manager came forward and said, no don't. And so she didn't like it. It's just, there's all, there's so much backstory to. 


It Always is. I mean, with everything Freaking good, like knowing that she helped the west mint for three, knowing how much she has a lot of like stock and trying to help people and trying to help people with. And she look, they are, if you have ever seen them in concert and I've seen him in concert more than one, so good, Amazing musicians, Great musicians. I Mean, if you have seen the, the sisters, Marty, and I can't remember the other one's name. Oh, it just left my head. But if you have seen them play their instruments. 


Oh my Gosh. No, the sisters that, that play with Natalie Maines. Oh Yeah. I cannot. Yeah. They're both very, they're very Talented. I've seen them play. Oh, They're very talented. Goodness, Natalie Maines though. She's just always like, she's just one of those women that, you know, like I feel like I would walk away from The paint of country. Yes. She, they do look really similar Too. And they're very much there. Yeah. There their own person. She's I wonder if they're friends in real life, that would make me really happy. I mean, I can see they're very similar to me. I could have like a conversation with her and just walk away feeling like fricking empowered. 


Like I had a real conversation Flip a car over after talking, But you had a real conversation. Yeah. Cause she's, she's a real person and she is 100% herself and she, me and I hope you like it. Cause if you don't. Oh, well Good man. I loved, I mean still love them. They're great Natalie mean? So she was wonderful. She, the, a podcast, obviously that Jillian, Pennsylvania and Patrick Heinz do the true crime obsessed podcast that she did let the woman do the work and everything with Damien Echols, a wife, they did a episode covering the documentary about Natalie mains and everything that happened with that and everything that came out about it. 


And Natalie Maines tweeted them and she was like, I love shoes. She was like, I love you guys. Thank you so much for like your co like basically Author. I was making like the podcasters. They were like, we're best friends with Natalie Maines. Now it has happened. I'm like, yes, that's all I strive for in life. Like, honestly, I'll be like, oh gosh, She's so amazing. Can you Please come on and sing goodbye. Seriously. She did sunshine with me, Her and beyond say, well, not her specifically, but the chicks and Beyonce did Beyonce recorded a song and it's called daddy lessons. 


And they did a song. They recorded it together and it is so, so, so good. Cause you know, Beyonce is from Texas. I didn't know That. Yeah. And it is, look it up on your way home. And it is specifically, I'll be driving on my way home. It is So good. It's such a, just like a good fun song. And you almost don't expect beyond say to be in it, but it's her song. And she asked them to do like a different version with her and it is so good if he'll never listen to that song. I want to say they did it on the MTV awards like several years ago, but it is so good. 


It's called daddy lessons and it's beyond say and them, and it is great. It is. That is everyone's homework assignment for this week. Go listen to it And understand my assignment. It's amazing. And it's one of those, like you just it's it's like, ah, it's such a good song. She's dancing like dancing. She's got her hair up in a top knot. So it's like bouncing There and She's dancing. It's great. I rolled out of bed today. So anyway, you're not going to find Beyonce on our website one day. You might. I Mean, Because We will be best friends because I'm facing Me and Natalie means we'll be best friends for all time. It will happen. I'm speaking it into the universe. 


So you can go to our website. You can Only can you, but you should, You can find any and all loan. When you see information you were looking for, you can guys like literally find this on anything. You should know how to find a spine. Now it's episode 55, 0. So Mark beside it, You could, oh, you could be go, go, go shorty. <inaudible> I mean, anyways, you're welcome. 


You can find me <inaudible> anyways, I can't. I gotta be done. I gotta be down here. What I do. So if you love our podcast, as much as we do, and you can tell that we love it. And we know that you do to go and give us a five-star review on apple podcast guys. That's how we get more exposure in the podcasting world. That is how you show us your love. I mean, I'll tell everybody I can, but best Limit guys and leave a comment. When you do a five star view, look, please, you can leave a comment and you could say, love Natalie Maines. 


She's the best. And that's all you need to say like Leah is my spirit animal. You could. Well, I I'm a lot of people's spirit animals. To be honest, I'm gonna, I'm gonna say What a miserable heifer. Oh, I am asleep Entitled. That is guys. Y'all have no idea. Anyways. We love each and every one of you, we know that y'all would roast us as much as we roast each other. So you know what show Our Love. As long as you give us a five-star review, you can say whatever you want and put a Winky face after, you know, So we know that it's in love. You know, that's just how we are. 


If you would like my drink recipe, let me know. It's delicious. I'm about to actually go make one. Now, since we've ran out of time to record a second episode today, cause that's just how we are. It's what we do. So we love you guys. You want to find us on Patrion? You can go maybe in the next few weeks and see if I convinced Leah to do a dramatic, intoxicated reading. <inaudible> I'll do the dramatic reading, but it's not going to be intoxicated. And guys don't worry about it. I'll just keep pinging her drinks and then, then hand her the thing. It's fine. Anyways, you look as if I don't have extra room in this house. 


I do not get intoxicated. I'll let J and J in case fine with it. I have made it 42 years without it. You Could feel a little freeing, honestly, look, email. Look. You'll never even know. Honestly, I have made it 42 years. That being intoxicated. How many years? That 42. How many? I'm just making sure. Okay. Love her. No, I do love her. Yeah, you do. I do. You have to, you have we're related. You have the best one though. Biggest one, prettiest one, two, most opinionated one though. 


Show. So thank you guys. Thank you for listening to this week's episode of one nation under crime, we will see you here. Same time, different crime next week. Thankfully, we only made it through one time of saying not this week and it's going to be the same year ago. It is going to be the same year. So thankfully, but remember there's not always Liberty and justice for all. We love you guys happy 50 episodes.