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May 30, 2022

1847: Elvira Houghton and the ONUC One Year Anniversary

1847: Elvira Houghton and the ONUC One Year Anniversary

Join the ONUC gals this week as the reminisce on the first year of the podcast, the questions you should never ask anyone, and the tragic case of Elvira Houghton.

Trigger Warning Level: Low

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Remember, there isn't always liberty and justice for all.

Sources: Murder by Gaslight and Cornell University Library

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He frightened me at times, You know, it's our anniversary. So go, go, go. <inaudible> don't give up. Cause that's your birthday. Find me in the club bottle full of Bo mama. I got what you Need. I don't know the words. I don't, I don't, You didn't give him the card. Have a Card. Oh my, are you ready for your prize? I'm always ready for fries. This has been behind you this whole time. 


You have to, I've been recording. So you have to tell the people what you have. It is 19 crimes. Martha is shard. Y'all oh, she's got a one I put in here. Oh, it's a grownup one opener. And here's your towel? Yes. I've been leaning. My lower back is like super cold right now. She has had this hidden behind her this whole time. I was so I got, first of all, well, all you're doing that. You were listening to one nation under crime, historical chronological, true crime podcasts. We have officially been doing this for one year. 


Each week. We go through our nation's history and now discuss however many cases we feel like, Yeah, it depends on how I've been full. The here was, We started in 1800. I'm Kayla, she's Leah, Leah. And she's opening her bottle of wine. So yes. Now you can come. I was so I was buying per Secco for me. I was buying it for us. And then I turned around and saw that and I was like, well, the Prosecco is for me now. It Is so 19 crimes. I'm pretty sure we talked about it. Like the last episode maybe. Hm. 


Or you get, you got it. I don't know. Ho, let me tell you. I have an electric quantum printer. Oh, you got This. You're almost there. And I don't want to hit the microphone. It's fine. Just You Got it. You got it. So I turned around and I was like, that's what she's getting. So for Leah's birthday, I got her, the Snoop rosacea. It is really good. Y'all and So knows how to make some one 19 crimes. Of course. Now Martha has her own 19 crimes one and it's Martha's shard and Gosh, Chardonnay's muffin. 


Leah Likes Chardonnay. So I don't know how good it Is. I'll let you know. But I made sure to get Leah Chardonnay. Cause she likes, she likes per Secco. She doesn't like orange. She doesn't like for like mimosas, you don't like orange and I couldn't find pineapple juice. It was a whole ordeal. So I was like, yeah, you're getting charged. Well, I also like for a mimosa alike, cranberry Juice. I do. Yeah. You have to tell everyone how this is our anniversary episode. So you have to tell the people have to tell the people your review. 


No, I am. No Smoley. I will tell you that. So I'm just going to tell you if I like it or not. Let's see. While you do that, I'll tell you what it says on the back. 19 crimes tells the true story of rule breakers who beat the odds and overcame adversity to become full euros. This spirit lives on today through innovators like Martha Stewart, a self-made icon who built a domestic empire, Who also went to prison. Martha's drive embodies the timeless values of the 19 crimes Mavericks who came before her. And you can scan this nifty little QR code for Martha's story. 


And then look at her on the front and her pearls. Just me Judging you if you don't buy this bottle. Cause that is without, without look a little smarmy. Look on her. I love Martha. I have to say I'm a Martha fan. So how are we feeling well with the allies? Is it good? I Like it. I do. Is it A good, like, is it a buttery? You know, these things better than I assume if anyone is looking for a sharp, like what, I'm not the biggest fan of the real buttery. I mean, I really haven't met a hard that I don't See. I don't like shirts, so I can't like, It does not have the most sophisticated within it. She does not really like the one Like this trash Panda on the front of this wine glass. 


This is me. And Funny enough it says who me and it's a little trash Panda with a little feather headband on. It's great. Yes. And he's got his little hands in front of his mouth. Like an oops. I'm going to get Allah. Yes I did. It is a pretty good shard. I do like it. It's pretty good. If you could compare it to another shard you had, what would it be comparative to? It's very similar to Josh cellars, which is my favorite. I will sell it Josh sellers per second. You know what I will say? It is a very affordable vintage, what mean? 


And, and all of theirs. I've, I've had a lot of their different wines and I really haven't had one that I've been like, oh, I'm not going to get that one again. Like all of the ones of theirs that I've had have been pretty good. Josh is pretty the ones that I've tried. So out of like a Pino Grigio, but it really depends. And it kind of like, look, I had one Pinot Grigio that I drank way too much of. And I tasted it for like three days. It was not a good time for me, my full disclosure. I might have taken some medication that I forgot that I took. That was a poor choice. You know, the medications really good. If you forgot you took it. 


But I, and I do not condone that whatsoever, but I was like, the next morning, I was like one, why do I not remember half of last night? I know did not have that. Like I did not have that much. Like maybe, okay. So maybe myself, I had a bottle, but that's like, oh my word. But I wouldn't like not remember anything. You know what I mean? Like I would, I would not remember. I would be like, I'm a lightweight, you are. I would be like, Ooh, like on it for the night. 


But not that bad. I was like, why do I not remember? Like I didn't. And then I went, oh, do not mix Klonopin with wine. I'll go ahead and on. And this was several years ago, but I was, oh No, I can tell not To. I forgot that I even, because I took it the night before. So the next day for those who don't know anything about medication, I was like, Klonopin has like a pretty long half-life that it stays in your system. I didn't even, I was super stressed out and I didn't even remember that I had taken it the night before. 


So it was C It did its job. Oh gosh. Yes. Which is like, I'm saying like, it's really good. One, if you forgot you took it. But I like peanut Grigios. I like Rieslings Rieslings are super sweet though. A lot of people don't like Riesling, Riesling, I'll say this because I'm the trash Panda that I am. Stella. Rosa has a sparkling red. That's called rose. Regale is a sparkling red. If you really want, if I was this, close, this close. And then I didn't know what time we were recording today. And I was like, if I put orange juice in it, I don't feel as bad. 


So that was why I went with it. I was like the, I guess sparkling or my cat guys. Sorry, I just caught her. I'll post a photo of what she's doing. She likes to lay on her back and she's been doing this recently, but she lays on her back with like her little paws. She looks like an Otter. She looks like an Otter, but so anyways, so yeah. So it's like, Josh, I like, what is that other one? Is it St. Michelle? Yes. Michelle St. Michelle, Those, Those are good. Those are really good. I like Josh is I like the Josh As much as is my go-to Probably Is a safe word Per Secco and well, per Secco. 


My go-to is LaMarca one. I really liked the way that the bottle looks. It's really pretty. And what's funny is the same color on my LaMarca bottle is the same color that's on the Martha shards. So, But You were not here when I originally did it because I had to record, but Oh, you popped it. What does it say? One year L in UC. So we have our Seco cork. We'll keep your, we can keep yours too, if you want to. But yeah, I put it on the bottom of that. So we would have our one year we And say 19 crimes, the best us to have that needs to be Snoop dog. 


Are you listening? I know you are because Obviously Me and Snoop would be best friends. Anyways, Him doing the recording of the wildlife videos. That is my favorite. Pam And Kevin Hart doing the Olympics. I there for Their commentary is hilarious. Many, many, many reasons. Snoop Dogg just holds a place in my heart that can never be look much like 50 cent in the club. Look, I can't, there's some things like Snoop one, the whisper song. That's all I have to say. I'm sorry. If it's stuck in your head, the rest of the day, that song will be stuck in your head. 


Such a good one snips on that song. One of the best do you or drop it? Like it's hot. Oh gosh, it's such a good song. But I like Snoop for a lot of reasons. One is I love Snoop because he is unapologetically who He is 100%. And then Superbowl, they told him that he could not partake in his usual Recreational, Recreational, we'll say remedies. I'm not going to say substances. And he was like, I don't care. And still did. And that, And he did his best to replicate the magic carpet from Aladdin's outfit. 


Like, ah, he's wonderful. I love it. And y'all, he's smart. He is. He Is so smart. And his, his, his friendship with Martha, I absolutely love It. Oh my God. The fact that they have a show together is one of the best things I've ever heard. I could be the Martha to his Snoop. I can totally do it. I haven't called Martha Stewart. Let's be honest here. The more that to my Discovered today that this is ours. I am snooping. Oh my God. 


Oh God, that's going to be updated on our website. Oh, geez. That is so accurate. It's a good thing. I can't. It is. And I can't believe we've never made this connection until now. However I'm saying, Hey, Snoop, O double G. I need you to come out with a first Seco cause you have not yet. And I understand 19 crimes is like, not your, your official brand. I'm saying one, you have enough money to purchase it. So let's just go ahead and just do that and be done with it. Then I also, could you make a per Secco? 


No. Snoop. No. Well, you're pointing to me Still. I'm very impassioned right now. Make a per Secco and put us on the label. L in UC, per se, O N UC. And it's one nation under crime, one nation under 19 crimes per Secco. I am just saying we can Make this work. I mean, we'd be pretty on a bottle. Have your people call our people, which is me. We'll put Claire on the bottle, the cat. She could be The first 19 crimes. Get, let's be honest. She looks like she's committed more than 19, 20 per second. 


I mean, how many? Not many actually. Okay. I'm just laughing so hard right now because that is My spotlight. She might kill you. That'll be your 21st grind. The murder of Leo beer 21st. No, that would be awesome. Yes. So the day that this comes out, yes, guys, this intro is long. We don't care because fun. One year, One year ago, today on Memorial day, we came out with our first three episodes and They were ethic. 


They were great. And so I've done. I've done a rundown of our one year. Okay, Let's do it. We have to stick with me. I did some fun things. You Go for it. I'm a bad drain. Anyways, we have 59 episodes with 54 of them being regular owing USI. The others are bonus. We have covered 47 years. As of this recording, we have 9,199 downloads. Oh wow. 


Oh gosh. It's amazing. So that is, if you break it down into numbers over 486 pages of notes that I have taken, Bless your bones and your little fingers. Over 270 hours of research in recording, that is 4,036 minutes, which equates to 68 hours. I cannot go into how disappointed I am with that number at this moment, just know one more would have been hilarious. 


That is 68 hours of full recordings that people can listen to our voices. And I actually added up all of the minutes. 68 was the number really tried to push that it didn't work. It makes for a good time. Anyway, because we are delighted That we are listened to in, you're not ready for this number 912 cities worldwide. Wow. Heard our podcast 912. We have been heard in all 50 states. Wow. 


Continental regions, which include north America, south America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceana. Wow. All of them we've been in. And our top three countries are the us, the UK and Canada. I Love it. Thanks guys. And, and We've got tears. We've got tears. Cause I'm cracking of it myself. I came down to our most popular episodes cause I can do them by downloads. Right? So our most popular episodes of all time, I did something you're going to love. 


I came up with alternative titles to them. Oh man. So I had to guess what they are. No, you're going to die when I tell you the first one, and then you're going to know what the theme is. So our numbers Reptile dysfunction. Nope. Our number one downloaded episode is episode one, the Manhattan, well murder trial. I'm sorry. AKA. The one with the Muff, our numbers, our number two's downloaded episode is episode 22 live Linea Fisher, AKA America's first female serial killer. 


Maybe also known as the one about the food poisoned honeymoon. That was so bad. And then episode four is also in the top three. That is the harp brothers. And that is the one with the four L's of murder. Do you remember what the four L's are Love lest Yes. You've had a hard time with these other ones too. Cause I listened. I know Loading and loot L I was going to say money, but I was trying to make it into an L. So those are our top downloaded, like regular feed episodes. 


So what I found was funny, guys, we have a YouTube. I don't know if like a lot of people realize, but we actually have a lot of people that go and listen to our YouTube each week instead of our podcast, our top YouTube episodes, the number one, one is the heart brothers episode four, which we just talked about. The four L's a murder. I didn't come up with alternative names to these because you'll see. The second one is episode 31, the Patty cannon gang, we hated. And then episode 41, which is actually in the top five of our most downloaded episodes. And that is the mystery of the beautiful sparkle. 


Mary Cecilia Rogers. Ah, we talked about pretty extensively. That was a pretty long episode. Her cause her murder is very PO was involved. Like a lot of different things are still not, no, still not Solved Still not to this day. And there have actually been some pretty notable cases that have been solved that like were known to be unsolvable for the longest time, which a lot of people who follow true crime know that there is a case that recently has been, you could equate it as a cold case, but it was kind of recent. Her name was Brittany Drexel. 


I'm going to go ahead and mention her here. It will be a very, very long time before we ever reached that episode. But she went missing and she was kind of, I'm pretty sure guys don't come for me if this is not the exact one. Cause I couldn't really read too much into it just because I'm an empathic person. And I know her family's going through a lot right now. And that was really difficult. Pretty sure she went missing on spring break in Myrtle beach. Anyways, they have this guy that they thought it was him. They've now figured out it was him. They had found her and it's been like 2007, 2009. They have, I found her alive and well, or they had found her remains. 


They found her, which they knew for a while. That probably she was not well that lining of your child. Oh, is it's one of those things of like, like I, I have a father who died. Like it's one of those things that, you know, they're gone. Like, you feel it inside of you, even though you don't know, but they're still a Part of you, a little bit of Hope. Like you hope that the phone rings and you don't know the number and it's them or you hope that the front door opens and it's them like, and I think that that finale it for that, like that's all, it's grieving all over again. 


Like it is. And so, and it's really different. Like I, and I have, I'm very weird guys, but Yes you are. I've had dreams where my I, that my house I've had dreams that my dad like faked his death and that he isn't really alive. And I've had this dream multiple times and it's not like, I know it's not true, but it's one of those, like I'll wake up and it felt so real that I'm like, it's like, it's almost like it hits you all over again where you're just like, Ugh, but I know, but I'm just saying there are many cases that have gone unsolved for decades, Right? The East area rapist, like he's been captured, like he's got those cases can be still figured out. 


And so while a lot of people don't like unsolved cases, Mary Cecilia, Rogers, I think could maybe eventually we could figure out what happened. Yeah. But that was just a super interesting case. And so I found it really interesting that it caught, it didn't catch as much traction on our YouTube as it did on our regular downloads. But it did catch a really good amount of like traction as far as the amount of people who go to our YouTube versus like our normal feeds. So When it could just be that some people are interested in that case and they were looking it up and it came up. Yeah. Yeah. And so, yeah, it was just really, really interesting. 


How many people, like we've been doing this for a year and almost 10,000 downloads. Like we're so close. Maybe we'll hit it tomorrow. And we can hope Somebody asked me recently, you know, what do you get out of doing this download? I mean, like we don't get money y'all know. And I was like, you know, it is just so fun. Number one. Yeah. I have a definite play date with my best. Yes. Every two weeks we have a Play date. I mean, definite play date, but I mean, it's just, I'm learning history and it's, it's fun. And we get to uncover these cases that No one knew. And like what's funny is so there's another network. 


We've discussed them many times for the obsessed, with true crime network. They do the Hamill cast or they don't do it. But Julian pencil volley does the Hamill cast, like that's their whole thing. And they have a podcast called crimes of the centuries and just two weeks ago they covered the Patty cannon gang. And I was like, we did That. Yeah, We did that, that, that was like, I Think this intelligent. And so it's just, there's so many things like that, that, that we've covered that. I mean, and in the comments on that post we're like, this is such a crazy case. Like I couldn't believe, I never knew. And I of course like commented on it as Owen. You see? And I'm like, we covered this in episode 31. 


Yeah. Yeah. And hint listen. But Like, I mean, it's just so crazy And people that I have spoken to, like people that I know We have opened some horizons. Yeah. I mean, people that have spoke with, they've been like, I'm so glad that I'm listening. You know, this is, you know, inspired me to Do more research myself search And I'm reading this book, you know, I've looked up this topic and the, now I'm reading this book about it. And it's so amazing Because it opens conversations that you might not have had. No, Exactly. And it's just, it's so funny because people will come in. 


They'll say like, we got a wonderful email this weekend from a lovely lady. Her name is Rita. She's only on episode like 31 32 right now. So it'll take her a while to catch up to this one, but She may have been granted, she, She sent us an email. She's getting a sticker in the mail. You still can to just FYI at, she was like, if you're still doing this, like all, you know, and I said, of course, like, of course we are. And she was very kind. And she just said like, I really enjoy their banter. I actually I'll like, I'll find what she said, because I actually took a screenshot of it. And I sent it to Leah because I always liked to do those things and be like, look like, this is what we got. 


And because I do most of that stuff, but she said, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your podcast. I did leave a review on the platform that I listened to you. And she sent like a copy of it. And of course, like, she was like, if you're still sending out stickers, I'll take them. And I was like, of course we are just send me your address and her stuff's going in the mail today. But she said in her review, she said, I'm on episode 31. This is so entertaining. I not only love the content, both Leah and Kayla make you want to keep listening and come back for the next episode. They are both pink Starbursts. They make it easy to follow. And it's family friendly. If you're looking for a new podcast to start pick this one, now look Rita. 


I don't know about family friendly language friendly. Cause we, we we've taught The Family. Please still touch the tile dysfunction. We still touch the border. All right, I'm sorry about, cause it was just that gunfire Areas. I talked about that the other day. Anyways, I can surprise you every now and then You can honestly Came up with the, Oh gosh, I know. I was like, we really did it on that first one with the MF, honestly, The cross myself. And honestly like it's cracks me up because it's, it's, it's been a year of just so many different things. 


Like we've created so many inside jokes on this podcast, but like you would not understand if you had like, what is a bipedal tail is Bieber and what does he have to do with women wearing beaver muffs on their head and protests? Like why do alligators falling from the sky? What children's book does that have to eventually equate to which I'm telling you your TM still going to become a children's book. Eventually the bipedal tilos beaver and the crocodile that falls from the sky become best friends. It's the thing, Andy, who is a budding artists In Charleston. Yes. So really combining all of our best episodes together, all these things because Mary Cecilia was the episode we did, we've introduced the bipedal tale as beaver. 


So really we're just combining all of these wonderful things. And I know that this intro is super long, but this is our one year and we are just super excited and, and thank You all for Your size. Seriously. Like we could not like one, we do pay for this ourselves, but if we did the scene, the amount of support, and I will tell you this month, I haven't totally I yet, because we haven't seen in person since it's like actually happened. The month of may has been our biggest month of downloads period. 


Like we have like by 500 from before, like our biggest month before. And I don't know what's happened, but I'm so Excited and it's just, people are finding our podcasts and they're enjoying it. And it's just wonderful. And we have another really good episode for you all today. And I, we're just beyond thankful that we have people like our best friend, Ryan, like, And little man And little man, like absolutely love them. They send us congratulations and let us know, like they're the ones that put our sticker on their car. And I mean, it's just stuff like that, that like, yes, we understand we don't have as big of a fan base as some other like regional podcasts out there. 


But like our fan base that we do have like, are so kind Gotcha. People that I know personally, former teachers of mine, you know who you are, I'm just so encouraging. And so kind like Free teachers. Well, she was not my teacher, But What She was a history. Yes, yes. So you know who you are And that's always so fun just because like Thank you for enjoying us. And the fact that people say like, I love history and this is like, this is accurate and this is right. 


And it's just like, Ugh, it's so good. And so we just look forward to another year of Making one with me for life. So I'm aware, I'm just saying, we're Looking at your funeral. Yes. Ma'am. I've already discussed this with Michael. I'm Sorry. Don't worry about it. Kayla can not make any changes. Look, Michael. Don't tell our secrets. So Without further ado, We'll go ahead and we'll jump in after 30 minutes of an intro, we'll jump into our case for this week, but it is a good case. 


So I'm glad that you guys stuck around and just thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything that you all have done for us in this first year. I will not say what Michael would say. Cause it's anyways, I sent it to Leah the other day and she goes, that's something Michael would say. And I was like, I know that's why I sent it. Yeah. Let's just say It's the country boy version of Grazia Cassius. Yes. So Chris, Our sources for this week, we have the Cornell university library and the ever formidable reason why I am on the NSA list. 


And Brad is our best friend. You got it. We are in the year of 1847 this week. And let's just say, all right. I, I love when I make a connection and I swear to Mary Joseph and Hasis Criso if you ruin this for me, In other words, don't talk, I connected this as I was doing these notes and it made me one of the happiest I'm crying, thinking about it, honestly, because I was like this all connected for me. So January 4th, 1847, Samuel Colt, we know him, bang, Bang, Sold his first revolver pistol named the Colt Walter. 


Nope. The Colt Walker thinking, oh, I know I'm thinking of Walter. I've been relistening to, and that's why we drink. And anyways, Walter is a big thing in their podcast, which will connect to our next episode. We'll pick it up. Then. Anyways, the Colt locker was to the U S government for use by the Texas Rangers. And the only thing that I put in parentheses in all caps Was Walker, Texas Ranger, Because it's the Colt Walker and they sold it to the Texas Rangers. It's Walker, Texas. 


I thought you were going to go to the fact that I thought you were going to the remake of Walker, Texas mean It was in supernatural. And he was also in Gilmore girls, Which is like your people, Jared paddle lucky. And yes, it's fantastic. But in my mind I was reading that and I went, oh my God, Walker, Texas Ranger. That is pretty cool. God, that was such a good show. That is how I went. Oh, I know totally Kayla brain, you went current. And I went like Kayla brain. He's so hot. 


Anyways, I went Kayla brain, January 13th. The treaty of how we're going to say that this is what it is. Coalinga Cowabunga like Anyway. Nope, Nope. It was the treaty that ended fighting in the Mexican American war in California that we have January 16th, John C Fremont was appointed governor of new California territory. This is one of your favorite Words. We'll go With that. January 30th year above Boyne, California was renamed San Francisco, officially San Francisco. 


You live for your Cisco. It's kind of fun to say you like Your big boy too. Yuri forced. The first us Telegraph company was established in Maryland, February 5th, The first relief party left Johnson's ranch to try and save the Donner party Unsuccessfully. Well, They saved some of them. Not all of them. Well I guess if you hadn't digested the anyways, nevermind March 1st, the state of Michigan abolished the death penalty. Michigan is only one of three states who have ever executed any one following admission into the union. 


Huh? There has been one execution, but it was not carried out by the state. It was Anthony. It was a federal execution and I'm pretty sure he was Russian Anthony Cher Bar Taurus And 8, 19 38. Easy for you to say, right? Not easy. March 10th, Hawaii minted money for the first time, March 28th, the Massachusetts donation of 1847 for Ireland sales from Boston on the USS Jamestown. The donation is organized by a of businessmen to distressed Irish families and the goods collected totaled $150,000. 


Then whoa, I know May 7th, the American medical association or the AMA was founded in Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, born and raised on the playground. Is that where they sent Mr. Their Days cannot with you. By the way, my five-year-old nephew, he can kind of say that. Just saying he's a prodigy, May 8th, Scott, Robert Thompson patented the first rubber tire, by the way, did you know? I only know this because of my boyfriend. Tires are actually white. They are made black. 


Like they're not black when they're like, they have to be made black, the actual like tire itself before it goes through a different process is white Because make them black. I don't know we were talking about it because my daughter has a bike and her bike tires are white. And so he made a comment cause he's very like good with cars and everything. And he is knowledgeable, where should a mechanic shop? And also the chef now he works in a different way with cars. And so he was like, you know, that tires are actually like white. Like they're not black. They're made black, I Guess they get dirty. So, but go ahead and make them black. I don't know. I have no idea, but interesting. Nonetheless Little tidbit, April 28th, George B VaShawn became the first African American to enter the New York State bar. 


Good for him. June 1st, the Zeta PSI fraternity of north America was founded at NYU. June 10th. The Chicago Tribune began publication. June 14th. Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen burner. I was going to ask scientists, June 18th, American photographer, Thomas Martin easterly took the earliest known photograph of lightning using the de Guera type process in St. Louis, Missouri. It's a very cool photo. I've looked it up online. It Was really cool. I love pictures of lightning. 


I do too. Lightning's beautiful. As long as it's far away, June 22nd, the first ring shape donut, like a donut that you eat was allegedly created by Hanson Gregory. There is apparently some debate. Okay. Best donut comes from Krispy Kreme. Okay. Thank God we have that all the way full we'll Argue. It depends on whether you want a cake donut or you don't want a cake donut because if you want a cake doughnut, then like Dunkin is a cake cake. Definitely. You want A donut and you want to feel as though it dissolved the second. 


You want a little piece of heaven with yes, Absolutely. Yes. I love knowing the one that's near us. Kind of that's closest to where We are. You can read One. Yeah. You can watch them make them. And it's really cool. I like doing that. So anyways, we don't have time to go into that. That hot Nelson just gives you gets fuzzy. Yeah. And there's a, there's a TJ Maxx and HomeGoods right beside it. It's just a day, June 27th. I'm feeling that right now, June 27th, New York and Boston, or linked by Telegraph wires for the first time, July 1st, the us issued its first postage stamp featuring George Washington for 10 cents. 


It is a lot more than that now. Yes. And Benjamin Franklin for 5 cents. There You go done that. The first 10 cents stamp was used on July 2nd of this year on an envelope and the envelope still exists to this day. Cool. I'm pretty sure it is in the us postal museum that is near the Smithsonian in DC. But That is pretty Cool. Don't quote me on that. Like it's recorded July 24th, Brigham young and 148 Mormons arrived in St. 


Yep. Salt lake city valley, Utah. So they officially made it. There you go. And that is why Brigham young university is there. We discussed it Before. I'm going to say soon after, and university was founded July 26, Moses gorilla farmer built. This is just fun. The first miniature train for children to ride. Oh, that is fun. Isn't It? I mean, I I'm a child at heart. Can I ride Probably. And there's some kids in that way more than me. I'm just saying 29th. The Cumberland school of law was founded at Cumberland university in Lebanon, Tennessee. 


And at this time only 15 law schools existed In The United States. How many women were students? We're not going to go there September 10th. The first theater opened in Hawaii, October 16th, Charlotte Bronte, tase Jane air was, Oh, I love the brunt. Let's have a moment. Bronte sisters. Fantastic. And they were able to publish as women and be successful, Right? Not under as a pseudonym. Yes. I just want it to say that. Bring it life. What? Celebrate because that's fantastic. 


They are wonderful. Okay. October 31st. My favorite day of the year, the Delta Chi, the theta Delta Chi social fraternity was founded at union college in such a fun word, Schenectady New York. Ooh, that is November 21st. The steam boat Phoenix was lost on lake Michigan, killing 200 people, November 29th, Oregon missionaries, Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife. Narcissa not Malfoy. And 11 others were killed in the Oregon country by Indians, which started the Cassius War. 


That's exactly what I thought too. I know. That's why I went ahead and said it you're welcome in our undated event for this year, the candy Nico wafers first produced as hub wafers in new England. And that began the mass candy industry. I love it. Gotta love it. You know what? I watched that on how it's made. Okay. Let me tell you something how it's made, Ah, Love that show so much. Now some of the things I'm like, you know, but it is so cool to see how things are made. 


It just amazes me. And when it goes back that far, you know, it shows the history, especially if it's been like a family owned. Yes. I love to see that. And I think Smarties Smarties has been a family owned company from way that I love to see how things are made. Also, also it is really good to nap too, because it is very even keel, you Know? And Well, no, well, I mean, I know, but I also, I mean, I will say I seen all the Harry Potter movies more than once. I can tell you which movie it is just by looking up and seeing and seeing usual I can as well. 


And so I will nap to those a lot. I'll put that on it. Just, you know, if it's my Sunday afternoon nap, but napping to how it is made, that's a really good thing to nap too as well, because it's a, it is a constant steady, but I do enjoy watching how it's made as well, because some of that stuff, it's just awesome to see. This is true for me. That was really just kind of an aside. You go, I not to ghost adventures. And I think that that's really, that's Very you. I mean, Nope. I don't even watch that. I was actually watching a different show before you got here with wasn't a ghost adventures. It was with the Jack Osborne called portals to hell anyways, difference in our world. 


This is the difference in us right now. I'm Jack Osborne. I used to watch the Osbornes when I was younger and always liked them. I always thought they were funny. I always like Sharon. I always thought she was always fun. I've Seen her on things and I've, I've not disliked. She's on the view. I think so. Which like, I'm sorry for anybody. I was going to say, I'm sorry for anybody who watches the video, it's garbage, but Yes, I've always liked Sharon. And I think the reason I like Sharon is because you have to be a super strong men to deal with Ozzy Osborne To put up with all the shenanigans. 


Oh, the shenanigans. And then you have two kids with him, which Kelly obvious, like she has the, I don't, I don't know who her hair cells is. Obviously she has to pay like $2,000 every time she gets her hair done. But It's amazing. It is The most beautiful purple that I've ever seen. And it fits her skin tone, full Flawlessly. And She is gorgeous. I would do it if I had the money to keep it up. Jack is now very popular on the travel channel and does a lot of different like ghost shows. And one of them he does with another girl came called plea. 


That's I don't know if it's Catarina or Katrina only watched like three of them so far, but anyways, he has a ghost hunting show. He also has one with Kelly that they've done, like a few episodes of, and Kelly cracks me Up. Would she be the main, the situation? So she super into it. And she really like there. The Osborne's like, you have to know like that's their vibe. And so there's one show that's on there called the Osborne's want to believe. And so Jack shows Ozzy and Sharon videos from the internet and they have to like rate them on a scale of how much they believe them as to like, it could be like a UFO video or like just different videos that people post on the internet and they show them and like get their actual reactions. 


And it's so funny because the amount of times they like subtitle Ozzy, cause like no one knows what he's saying. Right, right. Great. Not only is it an English actor, slurred English. And Sharon's on there a lot too. And like they're doing it in the Osborne's like theater room in their house. So there's like dogs walking across the screen because they have so many animals. They have like six different animals that are just dogs. Like they have tons of pets. And so you'll see like a little dog walk across the screen As you're Watching it. It's great. And so anyways, they have like different shows on there, but one of them is Sharon and Ozzy are watching Kelly and Jack on a ghost of like a building or something. 


Kelly One she's so into it. She thinks it is like the coolest thing she's ever seen, but she only vibes with it. If she feels like it's like a Good, like, if it's not good, she's out of here it This second, she feels Like It's like, <inaudible> one of them. She has like, they're just touring it during the day to kind of look at the building. And she has one of her, like Pomeranians under her arm as she's walking around and all of a sudden she hears something and Just Like a string of expletives. And she goes, I'm out and she's got the dog under her arm and she's like running down the stairs. That'd be The coolest thing ever. 


But it is Amy. That's what Audi Does things. I now too, anyhow, speaking of animals, staring at, you have a cat looking around my computer screen right now. I love it. So summer of 1847 in Southbridge, Massachusetts really, really, Really Debated. You can't say anything until I'm done with this passage. You cannot more specifically, you cannot sing anything in July. It is not. And you'll know why I almost didn't do this Case restrictions on me. It's been a year. 


I'm entitled summer of 1847 in Southbridge, Massachusetts Elvira Hutton Hired carriage driver. Now she hired carriage driver, Milton Streeter to take her to her mother's funeral little did Elvira know he would be the cause of her own funeral just over a year later. Now go ahead. And all that I knew. I knew it. I, I was like, I can't any anyways, so we're not going to go into Southbridge, Massachusetts. 


Let me see. You're Welcome. I allowed it. We're not going to go into south bridge this week just because, Because We have way we've already covered way too much. We've got too much to go into. So she let Me sing. You're welcome. This is your gift other than you're a shark. So Milton Whipple Streeter was ASIS Streeter and Abigail Tracy's first born child on May 28th, 1820. He was a Gemini. And I also put also a bit odd to note that I was researching this on his actual birthday 202 years later. That's kind of cool. It freaked me out a little honestly. 


And they were in Douglas, Missouri in the pamphlet. It's a super, super short title incidents in the life of Milton w street or the jealous and infatuated murder who murdered his young and beautiful wife, Elvira w Streeter at Southbridge, Massachusetts, October 3rd, 1848. Save that As the title, it's really straightened to the point. I mean, they Really needed to give you more detail. So you'd know what you were reading. It honestly, it was hard to find as well because he know, I mean, just so little in there, the writer took careful note to mention this of Milton's birth. So I don't know who wrote this pamphlet, but she salty All I got and this was written like clearly after he murdered someone. 


But anyways, she put quote little, did those parents then think as they gaze upon him that the little harmless babe bore about him, the elements of her murderer, little did they imagine the future years would rent their hearts with the keenest agony, from the terrible deed of blood, which their hearts child would commit. No one can unfold the pages of the future. And it is well that we can not the weight of the future. Bearing upon the present might crush the spirit, the mother as she gays Lee fondly upon her dear infant. So fresh and so promising. We'll start with terror. As she thinks for a moment what may be it's terrible fate, but God for her sake allows her not as she looks towards the Vista of its coming years to read its destiny. 


She would shrink from the mighty task of toil and trial through which she must pass the voyage of life. Whoa, I mean, And all I can think of is as that as the sand falls through the hour glass. So It was very, very dramatic, Very dramatic, like, oh, this child is born little, did this mother knows she's looking into the eyes of a murderer. God, she should've drowned. I mean, dang. I mean, well, what happens next as a bit anyways, when Milton was around the age of two, he was playing. 


I'm not saying drown your children, please, please, please. Don't miss the rest Of your emails to yeah. At one nation under crime.com email address Around children. I am, I was being dramatic in keeping with this When Milton was around the age of two, sorry guys, this story gets a bit, this I's specifically, this part's a bit cringy. When Milton was around the age of two, he's placed in a small chair near the fireplace and his mother left the room only for a moment from the other room. She heard a shrill scream as Milton had fallen forward. 


And the now overturned chair and his head lay on the coals of the <inaudible> That is not Collude. The physician was called immediately. And it was noted that in some again, sorry guys, in some places the bone could be thin. Oh. And his fontanelle was exposed. Don't know what that is, but I don't sound cool. The soft Spot right there. Ah, and it's there specifically. So like, Hi. Yeah. So his brain was essentially Brain trauma. 


So thankfully Milton fell into a coma for several weeks. And while the physician went to dresses wounds each day, the physician never promised to return the next because he fully expected Milton to die. The wound was healed and Milton eventually came out of his coma. He experienced seizures frequently over the next few years. And the medical attendant could quote, easily foresee that though the physical injuries might be completely healed. The child would never, again, regain the tone and vigor of his intellectual faculties. Eventually Milton had to be taken to a private hospital to receive care. And while it was extremely beneficial for him in the weeks that he was there, the expenses were just way too much for the street or family to be able To mean that be too much now. 


Yeah. It took because of a child growing six years for his wounds to feel, oh, he's me. You think they're on your head and dealing with your brain and your skull. And like, and That's how it's been as skin there is Growing and forming. And so each time like you think it's hit it, just kind of like, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I had, I had surgery on My Time and did it took a long, she Had to have laser Surgery and had to have Laser treatment. Yeah. It was a lot because there's a lot skin on your face is very, very thin. So yeah, I may not. 


It took a long time Take like a hands gob full of stuff to put on her forehead where she had to go get treatment done. It was bad. It was, oh my gosh, it was numbing cream I had to put on and it was a lot, I had a mole removed and it, it was more involved in the doctor. Thought it was, It was a lot When you've been there a long time, like she thought she was just going to do a little cut. He cut. Cut. And it, it took longer a lot more. Yeah. Yeah. It was a lot more. And you were how old, when that happened, John? Well, let's see. It was JC how's it go? Yeah. He was an infant. 


It was five years ago. Yeah. So imagine a It for as long as I can remember exactly. Had that mole. She asked me how long have you had that? And I was like, as long as I can remember. Yeah. Yeah. So imagine a child having a traumatic injury to a skull at like, I mean, anyways, it took, like I said, six years to completely heal, but the mental and internal physical wounds remain, She has that wasn't even like on the soft spot on my head or anything. That was just on the side of my face. Cole was, Yeah. Michael would say pretty thick. So it Looked like it was above my, my left eye. 


I looked like sloths from the Goonies when it first happened, it Was, it was pretty bad. It was bad. It was bad. Like Took a long time for them to do stuff to it too. Yeah. Over the years he attended school, but he wasn't really able to keep up. And his father made careful note to make sure he actually knew how to farm. He was like, you're not really good in school, but we're going to make sure that you can actually farm just to make sure you have like an actual skill in this world. There you go. Which like good for them. But Milton was good at farming and his parents put their focus on his education there rather than as education in a classroom. 


But Milton was prone to accidents and not in the sense that he had like balance issues or anything like that. He was extremely prone to risky behavior. And there were incidents such as him playing with gunpowder near a fireplace and walking barefoot over farming equipment. That caused injuries that would keep him bedridden for weeks. Oh, Sharp farm equipment barefoot. I'm just going to leave it up. Oh, okay. Not going to put you all through the mental scars that I had to, as I was reading this, however, he was described as comparatively happy, easily excited, easily governed, and also easily affected to tears. 


But then his family moved to the city. Several members of the family began factory work. And that included Milton, his risky behavior remained in his temperament, started to shift around others, but it was described that he was perfectly calm around his father. Then at 16, he got Scarlet fever and his quote, nervous irritability was increased in his emotions and actions became more impetuous and less under the control of will. Oh, no Little is known about Elvira. Hutton's younger years from the age of 16, we do know that she was fair with dark Hazel eyes and dark curly hair. 


She was kind lively, lighthearted and hardworking. Having grown up on a farm. Some might say she lit up a room, which in most cases is a death sentence. Usually any disappeared show on ID that she lit up a room and it's like, all right, anytime they say she lit up a room or she was such a free spirit. I've always heard like, if anybody ever calls you, like if you ever see someone and you go, she's a free spirit, you should probably pull her to the side and be like, Hey, we need to discuss. And anyways, so her parents were not wealthy. 


And she decided to take up the trait of dressmaking. She excelled and was known by many to be the best. She put herself into a higher social class by association because all of her customers were wealthy women around town. She was regularly complimented on her looks, and that was not something familiar to her. And she lacked the knowledge to see intentions of some people around. No, she fell in love easily and frequently and fed upon flattery of others. She was in a relationship with a wealthy young man for over a year, suddenly the relationship ended and it was never really revealed why Elvira was getting older. 


And she started to worry about the lack of suitors around her. She was afraid of being alone, even still, she was light and happy at the time. And at this time, even though she was kind of thinking about her life ahead, even the thought of being with Milton Schreder would have made Elvira, shutter and disappointment, quote time. However is rapid in its marches and never stops for man or made the burden of time and age still weighed upon Elvira. And then an event occurred that changed the course of her life. 


Permanently. Her mother died. Elvira was sent a carriage to take her to her mother's funeral. And a driver was to be sent with it. Unfortunately, all of the carer drivers were already hired out for the day. And just by happenstance, Milton Streeter was lounging about nearby. When he was asked, if he could take the job. Once he saw Elvira, he happily accepted after all. He didn't really have anything else to do that day. The two began talking on their way to the funeral in the sound of Elvira. His voice did something to Milton that he had never experienced before. Oh, it made him happy in a way he hadn't experienced in some time either Milton had several younger sisters and the one he was closest to Hannah was his favorite. 


And the two shared a familial bond that he didn't share with anyone else, even his parents. But Hannah had died some years earlier and those feelings disappeared until today. The love he felt before was brotherly. And he knew of that feeling, but this was a quite different feeling overall. Oh dear. While it was the saddest day of Elvira's life, Milton was stepping into a new life that he had never experienced before. He took her to the funeral and returned her to her father's house as instructed. And then he waited around town for the grieving Elvira to return. Once she arrived back at her shop, the two started seeing each other on a regular basis. 


Elvira. Wasn't very happy with the arrangement. But as I said earlier, she was getting older and she had someone who was hanging on her, every word. And that is a dangerous combination. Absolutely Milton Richard limitless in his pursuit. And when he asked her to marry him Elvira hesitated and took more than a little convincing to agree, I would Think plans were being made for the wedding. And as the day grew closer, Elvira called it off. She couldn't marry someone. She didn't love. And they hadn't been together long enough to know really that much about each other. It had only been a month since her mother's funeral that she got engaged. 


Alara found that as time went on, they had absolutely nothing in common and they were quite the opposite of one. Another Milton was crushed by this and he still continued to insist that they get married. And again, under all of the pressure, Elvira agreed. Their wedding day arrived and Elvira was sick at the thought of going through with it. Milton tried to reassure her again and Elvira burst into tears. Milton was desperate and he tried to speak any word of love to her that he thought would work. And when it didn't bit of a trigger warning, and guys, this is such a toxic manipulative behavior in any relationship. 


If you see it run, just have to put that in. When nothing else was working, Milton threatened to kill himself, he did not marry her Elvira's father intervened. And you would think that all virus like thank God he's intervened. No. Her father also persuaded her to go through with the wedding. She agreed and stood at the ultimate Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Her father intervened and convinced her to go through with it. After this crazy guy says, I'm gonna kill myself if you don't marry me because I'm so desperate. And I need you so much. No, thank you. Pops. 


She agreed and stood at the altar pale and trembling as she became Mrs. Streeter on August 16th, 1847, no one in town could actually police that they were married when they heard the younger men in the town knew how jealous Milton was about Alvira. And they would play jokes on him just to make him mad. They would imply that they were intimate with his wife and some would give Milton a half dollar to give, to Elvira as payment for some unspecified Services despicable there, The worst of them. 


And honestly the worst of them. And this is his last name. 'cause I'm sorry, this last name. There's nothing negative that could come with it. Bacon, bacon. I love bacon. Kevin bacon. Anyways, his last name was bacon and he had come from out of town. He learned of Milton's jealousy and did everything he could to insinuate that he was meeting with Elvira. Look, that's just Maine and hate for no funds. Something better To do. Milton began skipping work to spend time watching bacon and Elvira I'm sorry, bacon. And although he could find no evidence of unfaithfulness, he was convinced that the two were intimate. 


He couldn't take it anymore. And he threatened Elvira with a razor and demanded that she confess she did not confess. And instead filed a complaint with the justice of the peace saying that she considered her life endangered by any further cohabitation with Milton, the justice of the peace ordered the couple to separate and put Milton under a hundred dollar bond to keep the peace Begging got no sort of No Punishment or anything. I'm sorry. Cause I mean, at that time, just words and saying things to people, you can't do anything without like actual action of harm has to be taken. Right. That's Harassment though. That is harassment. 


That though it didn't matter. Like at this time, that didn't matter now. Yes, that would absolutely matter. But again, it was been Milton's actions. He took a razor to Elvira and was not, I mean, that was, I'm just saying like he did not Need to do that. The Court then thinks of those actions more than the actions of just a guy saying, so He's unstable and that's not cool, but other jerks are Aiden. I don't really know that. They just thought like, oh, he's just a little odd. Like they didn't know. Sure. But I mean, these guys are egging it on and there You'll you'll you'll see. I don't like That. Since Milton wasn't working, he couldn't afford to pay the bond and he had to sell his furniture to his brother-in-law Joseph Jan's to pay it on October 23rd, 1848, Milton was helping his brother-in-law load, the wagon of the furniture that he had sold and took the wagon back to his brother-in-law's house. 


Once it was unloaded, Milton told Joseph that he left his shirts at his apartment and he used to go get them. Joseph took him to the house and waited outside. He heard Milton enter the apartment and ask Elvira where the shirts were. And she said that they were folded upstairs. Elvira went to get them. And Milton followed almost immediately. Joseph heard screams coming from inside and he ran up the stairs. Sorry, guys, to find Elvira clutching throat that had just been cut. Joseph grabbed Elvira and ran her to the neighbor's house to get her away from Milton and to get her help. 


Joseph looked up to see Milton also bleeding from his throat. I can't have her. Nobody Can pretty much. Once the doctor arrived, Alvara Hutton was pronounced dead. Milton's wound wasn't as severe. And once it was stitched up, he was taken to jail. The trial started on June of 1849. And to say the proceedings were insane is putting it lightly. Those who testified said that Milton had a history of mental problems beginning from when he was two with his injuries. He sustained from falling into the fire. And it's a miracle that he was even alive. Seriously. His attorney said that the murder had no motive and was probably committed in a state of excitement caused by jealousy and further aggravated by the relentless conduct of the other men in the town who were playing jokes on him in Short jokes. 


Yes. Were not Jokes. Interestingly enough, the jury was very reluctant to convict Milton of a capital crime. But at the time there were not degrees of murder. It was either guilty or not guilty. It took nine hours of deliberation from the jury to find him guilty of murder, but they accompanied the verdict with a unanimous recommendation for mercy. The judge sentenced Milton Streeter to hang by the neck until death. But the judge left the date of the execution blank. And it was to be determined by the discretion of the governor of the state. 


That's not unusual. Yeah, it is very unusual. I think it's one of those things of like, I'm not going to be the one to put this on here. Like I'm going to pass down the sentence, but like kind of like, I'm not going to be the one to blame for it. So I think that it was kind of like passing the buck along to the next person. No, Let him die in jail right on his retrial because he really is not competent enough to stand trial, but this guy wasn't black. And anyway, I'm sorry, they Pushed it off to, I'm still a little salty about that last. Yes. The newspaper put heavy blame on the young men in the town who made fun of Milton and insinuated that they had relations with his wife, the New York commercial advertiser said, quote, these rude and remorseless jokesters have. 


Now the satisfaction of knowing that their fine sport has been purchased by the death of one human being at the hands of a murderer. And he is yet to be farther paid for by the death of another, on the scaffold and December of 1849, the governor of Massachusetts accepted the unanimous decision of the committee of pardons and commuted, Milton Streeter sentence, death to life in hard labor at the state prison. I'll leave us with this last quote. That's from the incidence of his life, quote, the companion of rogues. He is not a hardened villain and will be under a discipline best suited to the peculiar construction of his mind. 


He will be made to labor without disturbance and to earn his livelihood without the cares and per pet perplexities incident to the common affairs of life, you'll be placed under moral and religious instruction, unaffected by the vicious influences that surround the life of men in the busy world, his present home may therefore be made subservient to the interests, both of himself, his friends and the community at large. And there is where we will leave him. And that is the murder of Elvira Hutton by Milton street, or I'm sorry, I'm still very upset. They called those horrible, No joke stroke service. 


That was what kept I kept every like every, when I say everything kept calling them jokesters. Every single thing I could find, no, not at All, Not at all. Previously has issues of obvious has issues. It's not a joke to him. It obviously bothers him more than most. And it's not funny. That is straight up bullying. That's what it is. And it's not funny if it bothers somebody that much, obviously there's an issue with it. So you need to stop Exactly. I mean, what does it make? You feel like a big, bad man. I got to make somebody else a reaction. 


I do not get it. I do not understand. I mean, I love to pick at people, you know, I do, But that's too much. But When you see that kind of reaction, you can tell when you've gone too far, you can tell when somebody not having it, you can tell him you need to stop. Yep. And that is not okay. Yep. That makes me so angry. A woman lost her life because of this. And a man was put into prison because of this. Now she shouldn't have married him. Her daddy should not have said, Hey, let's go ahead and marry him. You know what? She would have made her lie And also Been a dressmaker for the rest of her life and municipal sister. And that's okay. Well, and you know, and especially at this time, there was very much that pressure of, I need to be married or else I'm going to be alone. 


But then there was also like kindness from the other side, which still to this day is an issue of no means. No means no means no means no means no means no means no today it means no tomorrow means no a year from now means no. And your life can still be a fulfilling life out being a wife or having Children. Mother. I know that's one of your, I mean, I'm just saying, what is The right Thing for one person is not the right for another person. I mean, I know that at that time, people did not get that as long as an I'm a Christian. 


So this is, this is my take, as long as you are okay with God and you know that you are on the path that he has set for you. You're good. And I mean, exactly. And like, I mean, I, you know how I am about like religion and other things. Like I just, I, well, yes, I live long a same, a similar path. You do. I also though, I am, I believe if at the end of the day you were happy. And at the end of the day, you are happy with the path that you were on yourself. 


Like if you, if you can wake up and say, I feel good about myself today, I feel good with my decisions. I feel good with where I am at. Then that's enough. It doesn't matter what anybody else says to you of, you're not doing there. I'm sorry guys. And this is one of my pet peeves. And this is where sometimes my irritation, I will say with some religious beliefs come in, is that I don't personally think there is one roadmap to life. 


And there are some sects of religion that do believe that like there is only one, No one roadmap to life because everybody has a different, Exactly. Everybody not everybody's roadmap is to snow. Now I believe there's one way to heaven. I, Everybody does not have the same path. My calling is not the same as your calling is the same as my sister's calling or my dad's calling or my mom's calling or my other friend's calling because we're all made differently. We're all we are parts of the body of Christ. And I, I, I think I believe that in a different way, I think is my thing of it is I, and I truly think that a lot of people's like religious or moral beliefs or anything. 


I think it comes mostly from the experiences that people have had in life. And because I think there are just some things that occur that, that are very different. My life experience is not your life experience. And that's True, Which is why I never felt anyone for being a Christian for not being a Christian for believing in one thing over another, because my life experience is not someone else's and it never will be. And it never be. And you can never as close as your life can be to someone else's, you didn't walk in their shoes. And I, and that's, I think is where a lot of mine comes in. I just think, you know, what, if I am a productive member of the society, if I am being kind and I am doing the best I can at the end of the day, and I am happy when I lay my head down each night with how I acted that day. 


Now there may be some days that I'm not Like there's lots of, We all do things that we're like, oh, maybe shouldn't have done that, but I may, should have kept that to myself. I mean, there's just so many different things that like, yeah, just because you didn't just because she felt like, oh, well, and I'm sure the death of her mother didn't help either because her mother wasn't there mothers, regardless of anyone's beliefs or anything like that a lot of times. And I hate to even say traditionally, because that's not even the right word, but usually that's the best word. 


Usually a mother is the word of wisdom is the word of calmness is the one that I tell you right now. My mother is the most patient person. I know my mother is the most Level Headed well, and that's not true for everybody, but my mother is the most level headed patient person that I know now, I wonder if that has to do with her being Scottish, honestly. And I'm saying that I'm saying that honestly, It does not because Scottish people are known for their temper. God is known for their temper. That is true. But mother, and now I have to ask her for her opinion. 


I do have to ask her a lot of times because she say, I know, but I have to ask her for her opinion a lot of times, but she's a great sounding board. And I, and I will ask her and, and she will, She, She is good at encouraging me and helping me to see, and you know, letting me just word vomit, if you add her and then saying, okay, I understand what you're saying, but Right Now, you know, and it's, it's important to surround yourself with friends and have those friends that you know, that you can go to. 


And you're one of the friends that I'll go to you. And I have another friend that I go to And you'll look at me and you'll go, And I do you, you and I have another friend that I go to An hour And I will let things Out, might be listening. Hello, Hello. Anyway, I will lay things out and I will say, what is your take? Because when you're in the middle of things, when it is your life, It's hard to see if You are in the notionally involved in things. It is so difficult to separate yourself and say things logically. 


So you need to have this Because you are in there have been, I will not at all go into specifics of anything, but there have been situations where you have been emotionally tied to them and you have been mentally suaded one way. And I have looked at it from an outside perspective. And I said, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is what's going on. And I can tell you based off of behavior of other people and based on everything, that's going on this, and you were like, I don't really, and I was like, I'm telling you, take a step back and look at it from a, non-emotional not have known this person for forever. 


Not even anything comparatively. And then you were like, oh no, I, yeah, I can. I wear rose colored glasses. And I do not. I believe everybody until you give me a reason, not to believe, I will believe to a certain extent. However, there is a meter that goes off in my head that is like, mm, Nope. Nope. That is not true. It's like, it's like, I think, I feel like sometimes my brain is Maury. When he's like you said that this occurred, that was a lie. And I feel like my brain sometimes like, does that, like, it's like, Nope, Nope. 


Back up, back Up. That's our test, Our test shoe. That was a little like, I feel like, and that is true because you, which I think is super funny because a lot of people will listen to the podcast and don't realize how different we are Over so different guys, but Like, we get along so well because we're so Different. And that's true back to each other's differences. Look, I am the ticker. She is the rabbit. I am the Snoop. You were the Martha Really? I mean, I Haven't gone to jail like Martha, I Have, I could see the honest thing that you went to jail for was tax evasion while you were on your cooking show. 


And I'm sorry, but that is honestly the thing that I That's kind of, I didn't realize that it was happening. I was letting someone else, The person that you were in is like club med, where you like have tennis lessons. And because, Well, I'm not an animal or me. I mean gender. I Mean, yes. Like I think that that's also super funny too, because a lot of people, like, some people will see it who don't, I'll say this people who come in and absolutely like don't know us at all, or the ones that are like so different from you. 


And I'm like, yes, she is. And they're always like, so I've told you this the other day someone was like, how does your, How did you become friends with, I don't know this, But I mean, I think that's still, like, you have to, It's important to have friends that are not the exact same issue. How boring would that be? You have, I have to let's, let's put it. And I've said this before, because this has always been my true, genuine a belief in anything. And I think that if a lot in your Life will be boring without me. 


Right. I mean, anyways, I'm super boring without me. And let's just go ahead and put that into, so you wouldn't be on a podcast, I think. And I've said this before, and you've agreed with me before as well. I think that the main thing people need to remember is that we need to, yes, we need to appreciate the differences that you see in another, and you need to celebrate the things that you have in common. And I think if a lot more people thought that and understood that are true. And I, this is a true belief, like in my heart, that is a black hole. 


If I'm trying to help her work on that guy, It, it hasn't worked so far four years into this. But I think that a lot, I think a lot of things in this world, and I think too, a lot of things I'm jaded by a lot of things in the world. And I think that that's the Difference. I think that's the difference too though, is I am very like, I am the one that brings you back to earth. Like, you're the balloon that's floating off. And I am the weight at the bottom of it that like brings you back down to the earth and it's like, you can't go that way. You can't, It doesn't really have a puppy in his car that he can't. Oh yeah. It says candy on the side. 


It doesn't mean there's candy inside. Okay. Why? I mean, I'm like, yeah, Leah, you can float away, but you're going to kill all the birds in the atmosphere. So how do we want to feel about that? But I truly, I truly believe like in the heart that I don't have, well, sometimes it's there. I Have a kid, she just guards and you see her very, very Much, But I, it, If you celebrate the things that you have in common and appreciate the things that you have in different, I think the world would be a much better place. I think that people could see things from another perspective. 


I think that you can say I have X, Y, and Z in common with this person. And that is great. And I don't have this in common with them, but she know what I appreciate their perspective. And that's all you can say. And here's my thing. I'm a Christian that does not mean, But I'm a coder. I'm sorry, I don't cut, but I will punch. But that doesn't mean that I Judged you the box cutter. That doesn't mean that I judge you. And that's that. I think that's what the problem is. The problem with a lot of things, a lot of That is the rat that Christians have a church is a hospital for broken people, but I Will say, And the persona is that it's a place for perfect people and it's not. 


And I hate that. That is, it is true. That is what people see because it's not. And that's what I want people to know is that y'all, I'm a Christian. I say, things are not say, I think things are not think I do things are not do I ask forgiveness? And my God gives me forgiveness when I asked for it. Now I'm not perfect. I don't judge people who do things that they are not did because I did not do. And that's not what a Christian is. Kayla has said to me, You're one Of the few Jesus people That Really does that. And I think too, so to kind of explain things, cause I don't think I've fully explained some of this on the podcast before I have gone through what some would say a lot of group religious trauma I have been in, I've been in churches. 


I have been a very, very spiritual religious person in the fact of being a Christian, going to church when the doors were open, like literally going to church where the doors are open. Like I have done that. I've been that. And I've seen so much behind the scenes that is so wrong. And I Disheartening, I will say, not even disheartening, just straight up wrong and things that should not be there from people of power in the church, that things, these things should not be going on. And I will say some of these people are still in places of power in other churches, and I will leave it at that, Which is what disheartens me even more, because that is frustrating. 


And I think that once in the last experience that that occurred, that was when I said, you know what I'm done. I'm not going to do this anymore. I will say there are only lot of beliefs that are from the Bible that are from Christianity that are from really any religious culture that I do. I do partake in the beliefs. Then I, I do believe there is one, you know, Supreme being over all of us. I do believe in all of those things. I, I don't think I'm not an atheist and that I think some there's not something else out there. I don't believe that. I, I don't, I think there is a lot to this world. 


I also believe in some things that people would say are kind of fringe beliefs. Like I don't, I think that if you believe in angels that you can't not believe in the opposite, I don't think that you can't, there are certain things like that, that I know that I'm weird in some stances, but I don't think that you can believe some things without also believing alternatives to those beliefs. Like people are like, oh, I don't think ghosts exists. I'm like, okay, do you believe in angels? Okay. Then let's move on with our topic because some people will associate the same, like, you know, while no, it may not be the same thing. And I understand the, the beliefs all around. However, I think during the last situation that I experienced, I think was when truly my brain said, you know what? 


I know what I have to do to be a good person. And I don't have to go somewhere however many times a week for someone to tell me that I'm doing a good job and to get validation from that because you know what, the people who have been giving me that validation have done nothing, but disappoint me, have done nothing, but do things that are wrong. And that's the difference between Lee and I, Lee has not experienced that. And in that situation, I have experienced it numerous times and humorous. And I, and, and it's one of those things that like, I appreciate the fact that I've gone through these things because I can take a step back from situations and say, Hmm, there's something going on that I'm not seeing. 


Like, I can, I can do that. And I'm fine with that. But I also know like, Hey, some people that's like their life. Like that's what they, they thrive off of. That's what they appreciate. And there, this is guys, depending on how you take this, depends on how you will take it. That is what I am going to say. It is. I am not saying it in a negative way. I will say, I think some people do not have control in their own lives. So they have a strong desire to live by a rule book and religion is that for them? 


Because they, I think a lot of people have had uncontrolled in their lives and have lived on their own without that like grabbed back of religion to them. Like that is good for them to where they feel. If I don't, if I step outside of this, like my world will fall apart. You know what I mean? Like, and I say that because I had a dad that did that, like my dad had, he felt he had to have the, he needed to have a rule book, but he couldn't live his life without one. Because when the second that he did, he went the opposite direction because he didn't, you know what I mean? 


Like he didn't have In parameters, Didn't have that foundation. And to him, that foundation was a rule book of this is wrong and this is right. And some people have to have that mental morality. And I think that it just depends on the person and it depends. And again, like I said, depending on who you are, depending on how you take it, how you take it. I'm not saying it in a negative way. Yeah. You're not saying that the Bible isn't real, the Bible is Worthless. I'm saying there's some people who have to have that anchor to live their lives. And if they don't, their life is chaos and that is perfectly fine. That's perfectly fine. 


I think that the issue that comes in is when you cannot see other beliefs outside of that. And when you go, Nope, this is the only thing. Like if that's, what, if that's what your brain goes into and you can't even say, this is what works for me, but it may not work for everybody else. If you can't say that, you have to think of why you can't say that because I've said it before people who, even in political beliefs, if you are offended and you are torn apart, when someone has a different political beliefs than you, it says more about you than it does about them. Because you do not feel confident enough in your belief of anything, whether it be religion, politics, anything you are not confident enough for your belief to be challenged. 


And the second you were not confident in being challenged is the second you feel uncomfortable because you can't defend it. And the second you can't defend it is the second you run away and hate comes out because that's the only thing, you know what to do. That's the only thing you can revert back to is saying, you're wrong. Not, this is what I believe. This is why you're wrong. No, you're not wrong, not wrong. This is just where my beliefs come from. You know? And I think that's where a lot of the world gets twisted. And like I said, you appreciate the things you have different and you celebrate the things you have in common period. And into the Senate. 


I find something in common with somebody always, oh, you liked dogs. I like Dogs. And I am a great example. Being able to do that because I ha I can't. I do like finding things in common with People. And I have Dogs to have very different friends. Like Various, My boyfriend is wildly different than some other friends that I have. But like, it's one of those things that you find things in common, like in one of the best men, like Leah knows this as well. One of the best mental health things that ever happened was meeting my significant other. 


Not because I needed a significant other to complete myself. I needed a significant other who would push me and help me grow in myself. Not someone that wanted to change me in that relationship. And so there's just guys, there's so many things. And just like this case, like you can not think that you, your life can not be a series of milestones that you feel you have to accomplish because it is dangerous To Live that way. And I'm not saying this case is a, is a for sure example of that. I'm saying, But It's dangerous when you start. 


Yeah. You don't have to get married. You don't have to have kids. Right. When you get married, you don't have to have kids when you were. I Won't have to have kids at all. Go ahead. I'm aunt Leah. And I'm lucky I'll take this bullet. Yeah. You do not have to have kids because you are her married guys. Guess what? There are plenty of couples who are out there that don't want kids. And let me tell you something, I'm gonna go ahead and grit my teeth. When I say this, if you are someone who has asked Leah from this point forward, if she is ever having children, I want you in your nightmares and your dreams. I am. So let me start hired. 


I have been friends with Leo for several years now. We've been friends for six years Longer than that. Yeah. A little bit longer than that. But, and I cannot tell you how many times, like I know, like, I'm sorry. I also believe that eggs have an expiration date and I'm sorry. I love Leah, but hers are fast approaching that. Like they're done. They've they have gone into hibernation. They're done like She's in. She does Take them, Take it off, take it off, take all the equipment, take it all. I mean, and that is okay. 


Look, here's That doesn't make us successful marriage. I am 41 on this one year in Very, very quickly approaching 43. And let me just tell you my filter gone, gone. Isn't it nice. I really don't even care anymore. And there's one particular person who has the habit. The, the, as I said before, the audacity in one pocket and the goal and the other, and let me tell you, and I have that one pocket that has the one thing full of nothing that you need to care about That to Elliot I've given him Leah, that nice phrase of do see all these pockets. 


There's not one F in them to give, do you want to Look in it? They're Empty. Not, not, Not what Leah's actually looked at me before. And she goes, do you see this pocket? Do you know? What's not in it, Like pull it up. And it gets Weird. I didn't bring them with me today. So empty, But anyway, but yeah, and you know what? Let somebody ask me or let somebody ask somebody else in front of me when they are going to have them, Let them Ask the question. 


Let me be there the next time. <inaudible> because I have an answer. I have an answer. Stay at other people's bedrooms, stay at other people's bedrooms. Because number one, you don't know if they are trying put all their money on safe. Yes. You don't know That I have not. I have not done fertility or any of that things. I just like Leah likes being in it. I love my sleep and being at Leah, that's just the truth. That's just the truth of the matter. Okay. But I know people who have put so much money into fertility treatment, IVF shot all these things and they have not been able to be In the disappointment, How much they die inside. 


Every time somebody asks them, when are you going to have a baby? And y'all, I have been tempted more than once to say, well, you know what, what if I told you that I'd had three miscarriages? Now that'd be a law. But just to see the look on their face, You, if people need to understand why it's not Okay, everybody, you do not share those things with everybody. And it just makes me angry because I had people close to me who have had that happened to them. And it makes me angry for them because it hurts them so much because now you're not going to share that with everybody, even those circles. And they're not going to show No. And even, even people who have had one child and have had that struggle. 


And then someone Goes, Oh, when are you going to have another? And you're like, Well, I've been trying, I've been trying. There's six. I've been trying for five years. Like Secondary infertility is a real thing. And y'all, it makes me angry. It makes me angry on their behalf. Why are asking that it's not your Business and it's Not your business. Ask something else, ask, Hey, I noticed you got a new car. Hey, You know, how have you been lately? And don't tell me fine. How are you? Yeah. Or, you know what I noticed that you said something about you're working from home now, how's that, you know, ask something else. Do not ask their Bedroom. 


No. Have you redecorated? I don't know. Or their marriage or their relationship or anything because Are you dating anybody? Highly bringing them around? If I was, I have a, I have a husband. I'm just saying, I mean, telling you, let me tell you the first time, the first time someone that was Leah knows the deviance, the extent of my deviance, but I would go, She's so bad That I would go, where are you seeing someone I'd be like, she's great. And just watch, just watch because you know what it is. 


None of your business, none of it, none of It. You know, when I want to let you know, you Know, do you know when it is your business? When I tell, you Know, when you're the other person in my relationship, it's your business, how my relationship is going. Other than that, I have a relationship. It is your business. What I tell you, Hey, I'm dating somebody. You know, I'm just saying, I told you all kinds of sizes. Nobody really good to fix you up with. You don't know if they're my type one. You don't know if I'll say you don't know if I like men. You don't know if I like women. 


Let me tell you. You don't know if I like days. So what are, what do you got for me? Because let me tell you, I can guarantee you your blind date. You're going to set me up on that. You think is going to be best for me. I can guarantee you. It is not going to go the way that you want to. And that person is going to hate you for the rest of your life. But go ahead, please introduce me to someone, please, please do ma please. And it is like, it is those instances that it's just like, in the reason that we say this is, we live in the south, we live in Communities Like this. They're like, oh, well, honey here, you're new. You're 25. If you not, no, I'm not. 


I, the amount of looks that I'll get, because I'm divorced and I have a child, like people were like, oh, and I'm like, no, No, no, I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm fine. Yeah. Leah knew me married. She's known me not married. She's known me single. She's known me in her relationship. Like, she's seen all the facets of me. Like, don't just, It's all good. It's, you know, just stay out of people's bedrooms. Business. That was the next thing out. My mouth mind you See, this is why, this is how we celebrate our business. 


Like I can't, I can't, I can't. And that is, you know, one year anniversary. I think that's the best way. Totally look into our lives within to our thoughts. We hope you've enjoyed it. I think that the one-year anniversary is paper. And I mean, technically paper is on that bottle. I mean, If we're going to be real technical with it, true, there is that. I mean, You could've given me like a gift card to somewhere I could have, but why give a gift card? I Could have given you a gift card. I give a gift card. He didn't even give me a gift. Why? Give me a gift card when there's wine Brian's last week. 


Cause our last time we recorded. Cause the bath thought that was our one year. No you did. That was my prize for something else. Don't even try and combine it together for other life changes and you know? Yeah. So don't even see Horrible friends. You Have to have people to keep you honest in life as well. Just saying Forgetful. I've had one. It's all right, it's fine. We still have another episode to record. Okay. Well guys, we love you. Appreciate You. We really do. It's free. We're not even, you know what? We're going to just forget the regular sign off. You know how to find us, you know where we are. We Love you guys. You truly are so wonderful for listening to us. 


As yes, as Lee always says a paint store, verse red orange, if you're yellow anyways, Better than red at all. Yellows yellows where I draw the line. So we I'll tell you guys next week. It's an interesting one. Lee is going to have some interesting reactions. So we will see you here. Same time, different Crime Next week. And remember there isn't Liberty and justice for all. Especially if you try to tell someone how to live their life and we're going to leave it. There you Go. We love you guys. Happy your anniversary.