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June 13, 2022

1848: Eliza Darling Borden and the Borden Family Curse

1848: Eliza Darling Borden and the Borden Family Curse

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Is Fall River, Massachusetts cursed? Better yet, is the Borden Family cursed?

This week the ONUC gals discuss the Borden family and Eliza Darling Borden. Join them as they discuss Fall River, the Bridgewater Triangle, and two instances of murder in the Borden family before Lizzie Borden 'gave her mother forty wacks'.

Trigger Warning Level: Low

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Sources: Legends of America, Murder by Gaslight, and Hushed up History 

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You are listening to one nation under crime, a historical chronological, true crime podcast. Each week we go through our nation's history and I still haven't come up with a new intro. So we cover cases. We cover cases for each year starting in 1800. Hi, I'm Kayla And I'm Leah. Yeah. That's that's where, that's where I'm. I was just like, still in what's bad is it's at the top of every thing, because I've got like all the documents like planned out for the next like 20 episodes or so like, so I just copy and paste, like the It's wrong every Time the intro and the extra OCD self, not fixed that. 


I just, I guess, because, so one thing like with ADHD as well is like object permanence. And like, if something's always there, you just block it out, like it's there. And I think that's what's happened. Like my mind's like it's already there. So we have, Well, it's a crummy first time. If somebody, if that was somebody's first time listening to this, that was not a greatest first. Well, you know, according to our one star review that we received this week that I haven't told you about yet, we are quote, utterly annoying and self obsessed to which I say, it's my podcast. 


Oh, Cost you $0 to turn off the free content that you were getting. That person's not very nice. So I hadn't told you about it. They have the day they Deserve. I mean, that's all you can hope, Leah again, doesn't know what we're covering this week, but some of you may be seeing the last name on this case and going, Hmm, I know that last name. I'm still grappling with the fact that we're annoying and self-absorbed, I mean, one is our podcast. 


So like self absorption is kind of something to which I also, I posted on our Twitter and I put I've been called worse and also I'm fine with being self-absorbed I'm the only one that's going to love me. So it was, it was also someone I am going to venture based off of their apple podcast name. That is not our target audience. So there's that which I'm fine with. So well, We know that we are pink Starburst and we are our delight. 


I know. Well, and we got to five star reviews like in the last week. And I was like, so I guess somebody had to come in and balance them out, Whatever. We're not everybody's cup of tea. So I'm cool with that. I'm not for Everyone. I mean, it is. So our sources for this week, we have legends of America Hushed up History. That's fine. I Liked it murder by Gaslight as always Classic. I mean, it's, it's, it's classic. You gotta go With a standard Now, really honestly, we're getting into where, like, I think I'm creeping up, like pass their time for, and I'm like, no. 


So our events in 1848, January 24th, James W. Marshall finds gold at Sutter's mill in Coloma, California, Coloma Coloma, January 31st, the Washington monument is established Eliza and helped raise money for that With Mrs. Washington as well. There were the daily Pemberton could have done so much more. If you'd only had time, March 18th, the Boston public library was founded by an act of the great and general court of Massachusetts. 


So it's also the great, but also the general, the great general court. See, when you said the great general, there's going to be a person it's And general, like you can't like they're two separate Courts. Yes. But I thought when you said, I know when it took me a second, when I was typing it out, because I was like, wait, He's going to be like the great general. And it was a person. It wasn't March 29, Niagara falls stopped flowing for 30 hours due to an ice jam. 


Oh, nobody was going over and above that, I Know it iced over and just stop flowing for 30 hours Or barrel Nevada ice Barrel. April 3rd, the Chicago board of trade was founded by 82, Chicago merchants and business leaders. April 23rd, the Illinois and Michigan canal was completed. That's almost the perfect date. Almost May 29th. Wisconsin was admitted as the 30th us state, July 19th. The first women's rights convention opened in Seneca falls, New York. 


And it was called the Seneca falls convention. There you Go. Sister suffragettes Breaking down the patriarchy one step at a time. Well, anyway, July 26, the university of Wisconsin, Madison was founded August 14th. The Oregon territory was established in August 19th. The New York Herald finally broke the news to the east coast that there is a gold rush in California just sent it happened in January. Like it's August. It didn't take that long to get back. 


Like it didn't that's okay. I mean, but Thanks for letting us know, you Know. Thanks. Thanks. And Sitting on that for a little while, September 13th, we discussed this in an early episode. Okay. You know the name and you know the name because of a specific reason. And I, it, we discussed to this event when we discuss the person's birth. And it's just one of those moments where it's like full circle. Like now we're talking about this specific event that happened. Okay. Sorry. I'm ready. See if I remember You do trust me, September 13th, Vermont railroad worker, Phineas gage survived a three foot plus iron rod being driven through his head. 


We've all seen the photos Nightmare. It was in my history book. Like I'm not even kidding nightmare. So yes, we, and we talked about it when he was born. And so I was like, oh, Phineas, Oh, I know September 18th. I made sure my boyfriend was well aware of this as a fun fact baseball rules that first baseman can tag a base for an out instead of tagging the runner on first base. So for anybody who's not aware of baseball, like if you catch the ball and touch first base before the runner gets there, they're out yet, all the rule used to be that you had to touch the runner with the ball before they reached the banks. 


So this was the year that it was claimed that you didn't have to do that. You could just touch the base. What Year are we in? 1848. 48. Okay. September 18th, 1848. There You go. October 16th, the first homeopathic medical college opened in Pennsylvania, November 1st, the first medical school for women, the Boston female medical school opened while I am on board with That, I am to November 7th, Zachary Taylor of Louisiana defeated Democrat Louis Cass of Michigan in the first us presidential election to be held in every state on the same day. 


Oh, so used to not be on the same day. Interesting. Wonder why I don't have didn't ask December 29th, gas lights were installed at the white house moving on up. I mean to the east side to de apartment in the sky. Thank you so much. You're welcome. All right. And then our Earnin dated events for the year, there was a cholera epidemic in New York that killed 5,000 people. Oh, just a couple. 


And the university of Mississippi admitted its first students. That's exciting for them. Yes. For anybody who doesn't know, like in Alabama, the running joke is that we're never last we're 49th. Like we're never last because Mississippi just slides in at number 50, like any list it's like Alabama, Mississippi. So we're like proud of that. So I mean just like slide right in. So, so thank God for Mississippi, you know? Yeah. So our case this week is in Bristol county, Massachusetts in a little town, many know called fall river. 


This town is a wealth of history and there is a lot to cover in this area. I will go ahead and say, typically we cover more about the case, but in this episode we're taking a deep dive into the town and there is a reason. Okay, because we will be back here in 1892. Oh specifically 1892. We will be back. You might think to yourself, Kayla, that is very specific. And that is very weird that you would know that one case there was like, yes, like there's already, well, yes, there is a case there, however it's. 


You'll see. So I'm not going to leave you in suspense. I'll tell you. I'll tell you. I'm ready. Sorry. I'm here. I'm ready. Because this case is about Eliza darling Borden, who just happens to be related to Lizzie Borden who had an ex gave her mother 40 whacks. When yes. When saw what she had done, she gave her father 41. There you go. Which he didn't, but that's not what happened anyways. I know too much about this case, but yes, in fact Eliza is Lizzy's great. 


Uncle's wife. Oh, oh, hand <inaudible> house is next door to the infamous home that the board and family was killed in. Interesting. The reason we are going ahead and taking a deep dive in this episode is because Lizzie Borden will likely end up being a very long episode. Oh yeah. So I'm going ahead and just knocking out all the history while we're here. Gotcha. Gotcha. I will say too that the board and family has like deep roots in this town. Like very pretty prominent. So I even put, they were as influential as they were mysterious because yes, like there is so there's so many, Borden's like, even when I was just looking at like fall river history, it's like, oh, there's this board in here and this board in here. 


And it was just like, okay, so, all right. Like, did you watch the movie? And yes. Oh, Christina Ricci. I can't. Yes, yes. I will say some people did not one. My boyfriend loves Christina. Ricci loves him some Wednesday Adams as I am Wednesday Adams. Almost quite literally. I am. I am his pale brother. Right. I killed him and no I didn't. Who knows? I might have it might've been, it might've been before I was even born. 


I knocked that one out of the lane. I was like, no, I'm the only one. So yes, I will say though, a lot of people did not like her portrayal readily. They did not like the movie. And I will say this, if you're looking for really, like, if you're looking for the horror movie of Lizzie Bort, like you're not going to get it with that. The Christina Ricci version is Barry like psychological, which is what I love. Yes. And it's a very, I'm sure a lot of people are surprised, you know who Lizzie Borden is. 


But I thought that it was very good. I also thought they did to be a more truthful depiction. Some of it, yes. Is there are some differences, but like obviously artistic license. But I will say I appreciated the subtle undertones of a suspected topic of the case. That if you didn't know, you didn't see it. Oh, I'm sure I didn't. But it was, that was the first time. I mean, I loved her in that sermon. 


I watched. So there is speculation. What is this going to mess up our future episode That w we've got so long till we get there, there, and this is not, it is not. Okay. So the made housekeepers servant, however you would like to refer her to there's speculation. Her and Lizzie Were very close, Happy pride month. I just, I was like, aunt, there you go. There, there that tells you everything you need to know. I'll have to go back and watch because There's like an end. 


If you don't know, it's one of those things that I'm like, oh, they did that so well, because it's never alluded to, you would never know. There's like three or four times in the movie where there's a lingering stare. If you know it, you're like, oh, but if you don't know it, you think like they have a secret, but that's it like, you don't know, you don't know what they know what we know that they know that they know that we know, you know, but we know, so yes. So there is, and I really appreciated that about the movie, because it was just one, it was just like, here's a little nod to this situation. 


We don't know if it happened because Lizzie never married. I ever, so it was, I'm just saying, Well, it was suspected that like that. Well, she wasn't married before that she was considered a quote spinster. Right. When everything happened. So it was just very interesting. But yeah, that was a good, but yeah, if you watch it and you pay attention, it's like you see something and actually they were talking about this on, and that's why we drink the other day. M was talking about it and was like, you'll notice a little lingering and you'll go, oh, like, oh, is it, are they, are they, are they not? 


Are they See, it's been a while since I watched it when it first. So I did It together, But it was just, it's an interesting, and it's one of the only things that you can kind of see an illusion to it. Right. So Very interesting. But yes. So we are going to discuss a lot of the board and family. Okay. This week, because on March 1st, 1848, I will give ample warning before we get to this part of the case. Just F Y I Eliza darling Borden, brutally murdered two of her children before completing suicide in fall river, Massachusetts, Not such a darling. 


She is not. There is I, there was only one source that alluded to what I think was the root. I'm very surprised. So we'll get there though. Was She needs a cool, I don't know. 'cause, you know, on Andy Griffith show, the darlin's are very musical family. So I was just wondering if not That I know of, she could Be, you know, an ancestor of them, They didn't say anything about it. Okay. So there is a lot going on in fall river. As I said before, some think there is a curse on the town and it is actually a point on the equally infamous Bridgewater triangle. 


We will briefly discuss it today. I guys, I'm sorry. I like creepy things. I do. It is my prerogative. It Is. And you can like, it that's fun. I just, I like mystery and there is a mystery, but however, it has native American roots. So who knows, we all know like you disturb any of that, like you're done. So I don't, I mean, once you see something in there, like, oh, like this land is cursed and they're like, oh, it used to be an Indian burial ground. And like, y'all disturbed that, so good luck. And like, just leave. 


So like we know this occurs. So anyways, we're going to dip a bit into the unknown when it comes to the triangle. And if you've ever heard about this, then you know exactly where we're headed. There is a portion you especially will greatly appreciate, and that is not a sarcasm. And it, it actually is you so we'll get there. Okay. I'll miss just had almost just burst out into, into the unknown. And I held it in really well. I held it together. I appreciate it. So, but first let's talk about fall river. This town goes all the way back to the colonial period and was originally a part of the Plymouth colony. 


Again, likely cursed. It was originally inhabited. Oh goodness. Okay. By the Poconos lamp and no ag tribe there again, the river part of the town it's name refers, wait, what? Oh, The river part of the town's name. So like fall river that gotcha. Refers to the quickest Shan river, which flows through the city. 


And then out to Mount hope bay quickest Shan is actually a Wampanoags word. That means falling river. We're leaping waters. I liked that was interesting. In 1703 Benjamin Church, a hero of king Philip's war established, a saw mill gristmill, and a bullying mill on the quickest and river in 17, 14 church sold his land along with the water rights. I didn't know. That was a thing. I know mineral rights are a thing, but like water rights. Interesting, Because technically the water is always changing. So your rights to that, water's already gone. 


He ever slept in the same river twice and water's always changing. Always flowing. Exactly. I mean, straight from Pocahontas, his mouth. Exactly. Just saying, I don't see how, whatever, I don't get water rights. So he sold them to Richard Borden and his brother Joseph Borden. So here's where the Borden's and 17, 14 first come in, like back that far. Yeah. All right. This transaction would prove to be extremely valuable. 


100 years later, that is a long time for something to pay out, Helping to establish the board and family as leaders in the development of fall river's textile industry. During the 17 hundreds, the area consisted mostly of small forms in 1778. The battle of Freetown was fought here during the revolutionary war. After the British raids, badly damaged Bristol and Warren, the militia Freetown put up a stronger defense against British forces in 1803 fall river was separated from Freetown and officially incorporated as its own town. 


A year later, fall river changed its name to Troy for 30 years, but it was officially changed back to fall river on February 12th, 1834 don't know, don't know. I mean makes no sense Craziness. I guess if that's where the battle was and they won, But they want to change it back. I mean, I dunno Consistency people, I don't know. Maybe that's when the curse started. I mean, people have to change their drinks. I mean, you know, During this period fall river was governed by a three member board of selectmen until it became an official city in 1854 in 1835, the fall river female anti-slavery society was formed to promote abolition and to promote female social activism. 


I'm on board with That. I am too in July of 1843, a fire destroyed much of the town center. And during this time the Southern part of what is now fall river was actually a part, I think it's Tiverton or Tabert Tiverton. That's what I'm going with. It was actually a part of Tiverton, Rhode Island. And in 1856, the town in Rhode Island voted to split its industrial north section as fall river. So like fall river was not all it was encompassed today because part of it was actually Rhode Island, but it didn't make any sense that it was Rhode Island. So they were just like, all right, here you go. Okay. So Thank you. We will take the land. You know, there's that in 1861, after decades of dispute, the United States Supreme court moved the state boundary, which unified both fall rivers as a city. 


The textile industry grew before and during the revolutionary war and an 1811 Colonel Joseph Durfee, who was a veteran and a hero at the battle of Freetown built the globe manufactory. Do you know how hard it was to type man you factory instead of manufacturing, Do you know, would called him Derpy, Durfee. I'm just saying so Yes or Here though. He may be, he would have paid Derby, Always bring them back down and They keep him humble. 


And the globe manufactory was a spinning mill. The mill actually wasn't super successful, but it did mark. The beginning of fall river's reputation as a mill city. The fall river manufactory was established by David Anthony in 1813. And in the same year, Troy cotton and woolen manufactory opened its stores. One of the original incorporators of the Troy manufactory was Amy Borden, a woman, Woman, And Amy Borden's son, Nathaniel poured in later became the third mayor of fall River. 


Hey, Hey. So it's like, I just kept seeing them pop up everywhere. I was Like, Oh, another one warden. Yes. So by 1821, Colonel Richard Borden and major Bradford Durfee opened the faulty open the fall river Ironworks and the lower portion of the quickest and river Durfee was a shipwright and Borden was the owner of a gristmill there. Wasn't a great start to the iron works because original investors kind of bailed out pretty early on, but the iron works began producing nails, bar stock, and other items such as bands for cat cask cats. 


Yeah. Yup, yup. I did that right in the nearby new Bedford whaling industry. There's an iron works close to the town where my dad grew up. There's a lot of them around here. Yeah. But there's one specific, it's a historical Site. I know They have a pancake breakfast there the first Saturday of every month, $5. All you can eat Gracious, Delicious. Let's see. They soon gained a reputation for producing nails of high quality and the business flourished in 1827, Colonel Borden began regular steamship service to Providence Rhode Island. 


The American print works was established in 1835 by holder Borden holder, who was the, yes. I've heard that I'm holding in no Holder, which was the uncle of Colonel Richard Borden. So many Lots of them with The leadership of the board and family, the American print works later known as the American printing company became the largest and most important textile company in the city, employing thousands at its peak in the early 20th century. Richard Borden also constructed the Metacomet mill in 1847, which today is the oldest remaining textile mill in the city by 1845. 


The quickest <inaudible> power had been pretty maxed out. If you think about it, how many meals can you put on a river? I mean, how many, how many words? I mean, I don't at this point, I don't know, but they had kind of like faxed it all out. Steam mills wouldn't come into the area until 1859. When George coreless made improvements to the concept and instructed the first large steam powered mill in the city that was called union mills. So up until then, like the river provided all of the energy needed to run the mills. I put side note, I love a water wheel Dip. They're fun. The advantage of being able to import bales of cotton and coal to fuel the steam engines to fall rivers, deep water Harbor made fall river. 


The city of choice for a series of cotton mill magnets. The first railroad line serving fall river opened in 1845 and in 1847, the first regular steam service to New York city began New York city. The fall river line is it came to be known operated for 90 years. Wow. And was the preferred way to travel between Boston and Manhattan fall river profited well from the American civil war and certainly took advantage of the influx that followed by 1868. 


It was the leading textile city in America with over 500,000 spindles. Wow. Then after this, there was a quote, most dramatic expansion. I just appreciated that term in the city with 15 new corporations formed 22 new mills were built and the older buildings in the city expanded the population boomed and increased by 20,000 in just two years. Wow. Yeah. I mean, it's impressive that the city is able to handle that the mill capacity expanded to 1 million spindles at this time. 


My goodness by 1876, the city had one sixth of all of new England's cotton capacity. And one half of all print cloth production fall river became known as the spindle city and was second in the world in terms of output and was only narrowly beaten out by Manchester, London. Wow. I was like, oh, okay. Wow. In the same time period company housing was built to accommodate the thousands of Irish and French Canadian immigrants that were flooding to the city for work and Rhode Island company housing kind of looked like quaint little cottages and like little boarding houses that were just precious. 


But in fall river, that was not the case. There were 12,000 wood-framed multifamily tenements built that were called triple Deckers that had up to six apartments per building. Yeah. The city of fall river was actually built on granite and the city became famous for it. Granite quarries were opened and the largest was the Batey granite quarry. The mills public buildings and private homes in the town were built from the stone, which I can imagine this gorgeous. And then the Chateau, sir, mayor mansion in Newport, Rhode Island was constructed from fall river granite. 


And the mansion is known for its grayish pink color. Look it up Chateau there, Chateau, sir, mayor, why don't we just go there? I put, Leah will also appreciate that it was a grand mansion of the gilded age. Let's go there today. The mansion is a museum and was designated as a national historic landmark in 2006. As for the mills, the ones native to fall river were made of granite while the other is on the Taunton river and around Mount hope bay were made of red brick because I put, if anyone knows anything about granite, you know that it is heavy AAF. 


So the only exception to this is the Sagamore mills, which were constructed with similar granite material because it was brought in by railway. That was the only way they were getting in there. They're like, we're not taking it in any other way. So the 19 hundreds came and the town was booming. There were upscale hotels, theaters, parks, schools, street, car lines, public water systems and sewage systems that could all accommodate the population. Boom that was occurring. The town was the headquarters of the EAP, Charlton and company beginning in 1896, which was a chain of what southerners know as a five and dime <inaudible> for those who don't, that's a five and 10 cent store south, we call them that's the five and dime. 


So the company operated 58 stores in the U S and Canada. By the time it merged with the FW Woolworth company, ah, Woolworth's in 1912, the cotton mills of fall river had built their business, primarily prime meat. Primarily I can speak easy for you to say I'm educated around 1910. The largest employer was the APC, which was the American printing company, which employed 6,000 people and was the largest printer company of cloth in the world. World war one provided a major increase in demand for print cloth and many of the mills in the area benefited during this time, the post-war economy, however, died down post-World war one and production began to override demand the mills in the north face, serious competition from the south because there were lower labor wages and the transportation costs were like nothing. 


The south was also known for its major investments in new mill machinery, which was also driving the cost of labor down further. So like it was just kinda coming out from all angles and they were older mills. So they were, or they were newer mills. So they weren't using older technology. Right. So that kinda did that as well. The worst for the town occurred on the night of February 2nd, 1928, when mill workers were taking down the pock Hasset mill. I'm pretty sure that Mo polka set Pocus up in my head. 


I was like, that doesn't sound right. I know I looked it up and then it's a funny word. And I know that when I saw it, I was like, that makes sense pockets up the fire spread and took out most of downtown. The great depression took many of the mills in the town as well because great depression. I mean, and the city actually ended up going bankrupt. Oh no. The American printing company closed down and the plant was taken over by Firestone tire and rubber company ever heard of it. Yep. Okay. Just making sure. Right before Pearl Harbor in 1941, another fire broke out in the town and took Firestone with it. 


The fire was a major setback to the world war two effort and 30,000 pounds of rubber were lost in the fire. Oh. Which roughly equaled out to $15 million then. Ooh. So yeah. Bit of a blow to the war effort that all the rubber has gone. Cause I mean like think about it. They need it. So, I mean, they're like so funny that we named the company Firestone cause the stone caught on fire. 


So here we are. Can you imagine to trying to put that out? Cause by like rubber is so slammed bubble and In 20, this is kind of, this is sad in 2021 fall river was ranked as the 96 on the list of the most dangerous cities in the U S and third in Massachusetts was fall river being fourth in all of new England. Omar. Yeah. I said, which is really disheartening to hear because like in its heyday, the city was like the blind or full. 


Yeah, it was so cool. Fun fact was that January 20th, 2019 fall river opened the sixth cannabis dispensary in the state. And was the first in south Eastern Massachusetts to open to anyone 21 years or older. Well, there you go. Which is not common. Cause a lot of places like you have to have like a medical card. And so it was one of the first that like, you didn't have to do that. The city is home to several interesting locations, such as battleship Cove, which is the world's largest Naval. And it features the USS, Massachusetts. 


Cool. The Lincoln park carousel, which was restored in 1920. And it actually is at battleship Cove. It's very pretty. It's like one of those very old, tiny, like carousels one's so pretty. Like it looks like one of those, like the, you know what I mean? I'm thinking toy, like a I'm thinking jewelry box, but no. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. The little like pretty figurines of carrot, like that's what it looks like is just this pretty little carousel it's gorgeous. Let's see Kennedy park, north park and Ruggles park all designed by our best friend. 


The ever formidable Frederick law Olmsted. It is of course, home to the Lizzie Borden house, which operates as a bed and breakfast and is a gorgeous, I'm not, this is not like an exaggeration. It is a gorgeous green color. Like they, the it's green, like two-tone green. It is so pretty. And I put in parentheses begging the question, how can we broadly at a stay there for the night? I want to stay in this Chateau. No, you can't stay in the Chateau. It's only a museum. We can stay at the boarding house. No, we can share a room. No. 


Why not? You'll ask. You'll get all caught up and where you are. If you're afraid of the ghost, you think they're going to get you Friday. You both need to be afraid of me. Actually. I'll be afraid of them. Let's be real. But I mean, the house that I live in, We'll get Leah there. The previous owner or one of the previous owners did die in my bedroom. Yeah. But that was like a peaceful Death. Oh yeah. I mean, so it doesn't Bother me, you know, It's cool. We'll get her there one day guys and maple Croft, which was Lizzie Borden's house later in life. That was the house that she bought after the trial and everything Sounds familiar. 


And the granite mills, which are two preserved historic cotton mills, which I'm sure are very pretty as well because their grant like they were made of the granite city, France, notable figures include of course Lizzie Borden. Then these two, you just imagine what I'm saying in my head? I wouldn't say they're notable figures. Okay. But they were on the list and I went both from the same town. 


First is Kristin. Gilber never heard of her home either. She is a convicted serial killer nurse from 1995 to 96. Oh dear. Possibly all the way back to 1989. Oh my goodness. She is known as the angel of death and she was convicted of four murders and two attempted murders, but was on duty for half of the 350 deaths that occurred in the hospital. 


She worked at, which by the jury, like by like, what do you call it? Professional tests like they had, you know what I mean, Autopsies, No testimony. According to like professionals, the odds of her being there for all of those one in 100 million. So obviously numbers higher than what we thought. So, and then Kimberly Clark Fowler never heard of her either. Huh? Didn't think so. She is also a serial killer nurse who was convicted of killing several patients in Texas at a dialysis center because she's got a badge and the way she was doing it was injecting bleach in dialysis lines. 


My Gosh, This happened in 2008, Billy. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. So two serial killer nurses from the same town Barry interest and like recent, like they're still alive. I don't mean the more recent one had to have heard of the recent one. I mean, I don't know. It's it's crazy. It's Despicable. Then on a higher note, we have Emeril Lagasse, the famous chef Pam. We have Brandon Golmes who this matters to someone. 


I'm sure he's a former major league baseball player and the current manager of the LA Dodgers. So just in case, I was like, I don't know that name, but that sounds kind of cool. That's Pretty awesome. And then Louis Howe, who was the political advisor to FDR. Oh, And now Claire knew what was coming. She came, did She mean she's up at my lap at the microphone? She is. She was like, Hey, pay attention to me. There is one location that I left out and that is the Freetown fall river state forest, AKA crime scene. 


The most haunted forest in America. It is a part of the famed Bridgewater triangle, which is 200 square miles, which are outlined by the towns of Rohoboth fall river and Abington, which encompass the haka, MOC, swamp wildlife management area and the Freetown fall river state forest. These boundaries were first identified by cryptozoologist and folklorist Loren Coleman who coined the term Bridgewater triangle in his 1970s book, mysterious America. 


So from about 300 a D I don't know if you call that 300 AED to colonial times, just that short time period. You know, a couple of years that time native Americans depended on the swamp as an abundant source of gain. These people revered the swamp for its bounty and used some areas for sacred burial grounds. Do you see where I'm going with this one? Well, it wasn't. They used the swamp. It was like the areas around the swamp they used there's a reason is rude. There's somebody in a swamp. Yes. 


Bears. So yeah, the Wampanoags both worshiped and feared the area as the chief deity of disease and death called Paul Beaumont Was said to dwell in the swamp. The Wampanoags people named the swamp haka MOA meaning place where spirits dwell and many early settlers called it. Devil's swamp Freetown fall river state forest is a large swath of forested land located at Freetown river and free tea. 


Nope, Freetown and fall river, Massachusetts covering about 5,000 or 141 acres. The areas also the site of a conflict between colonial settlers and the Indians in the area. Beginning in 1659, the land was purchased from the Wampanoags Indians and the town of Freetown. It was later established in 1683 is when bizarre reports started. That doesn't sound good in the colonial era. 


That's how far they can date some of these back to Omaha. They included strange creatures, ghosts people just going missing out of nowhere. I Want to know that this strange creatures Will get that In recent years. The reports include cryptids such as Bigfoot. UFO's sketchy black helicopters. I just appreciated that, but I just appreciated, like that is a common occurrence that people are like, that's a sketchy black helicopter. Martha. We should probably write that one down. It's The fifth today Like June three, 15:00 PM. 


Sketchy black helicopter. No, you missed another sketchy. There are that many, that, that is a category. That's funny. There's also Poltergeist activity, mysterious floating balls of light and cattle mutilations. In fact, president Ronald Reagan himself reported seeing strange lights in the sky within the forest claiming he saw UFO. I would also like to point out that all of the information has not come out and there have now been court hearings that you have. Those are real anyways. 


Let's continue. Don't know if anybody else missed that on the agenda. But I did not. Is it surprising? No, But still Just saying they know, and they don't want us to know. We know the truth. They don't know that we know. They know, we know saying, I know just saying, and the forest Is Allegedly to a race of humanoid creatures. I can't give you the name yet. Cause I don't want you to ruin it. 


Oh, The Wampanoags Indian folklore describes them as around three to four feet tall with smooth, hairy gray skin and large ears Sounds like the trolls from frozen. And they have a notorious reputation for mischief and mayhem. They were allegedly once friendly with humans, but something happened that turned them against them. So they used to be like cute little mystical, like creatures that like just little mischief and mayhem and like little things at were Collins. Then they turned, What are they? 


I Really don't want you to ruin it before I get to the, you can't say anything until I'm done. Okay. The puck wedgies have been blamed for people who have fallen from cliffs disappeared, finished disappeared, or people have mysteriously died from chasing one of them. If the name puck wedgie sounds familiar. 


Does it sound familiar to you just say yes or no? Oh my gosh. Seriously. Okay. If puck wedgie sounds familiar, then you are heavily immersed in the world of Harry Potter because puck wedgie is one of the four houses at over morning school of witchcraft and wizardry in north America. So guess what Is it? The Hufflepuff equivalent? The house is also lovingly called puff wedgie as it is related to the Hufflepuff house. 


How funny? So you were a puck wedgie. I was like, cause I saw, I, I couldn't remember it. There's actual signs on there's like roads that go through, obviously like the Bridgewater triangle and people see like creepy things. There are puck woodsy crossing signs. Oh my gosh. So yes, J K got puck wedgie from the Bridgewater triangle and I was like, Is hilarious. He's amazing. So you're a puff orgy. I don't, I don't know that I like that. 


Let's just call me a Hufflepuff Puck with G2. I mean, it was just is what it is. I'm going to just, I'm going to Lay all my Scottish roots and I was sent abroad to school and I went to pump wards. Oh gosh. All right. So now, like I said, we were going to cover a whole lot on the town and the area. And of course I could not, not cover the what G like, It sounds like a wedgie. It's a puck wedgie. First of all, you will respect them more. They will come after you. I'm just saying, it sounds like They have disappeared people. 


Okay. I would like to disappear you sometimes Claire, Claire agrees, but that's we're here. It was here to give me moral support. She's sitting with me not <inaudible> is what she is. Wouldn't surprise me, mischief and mayhem. And they turned on humans at some point. And that sounds about right for her. I think she wants to speak. Now she wants to a Microphone. You can't do that. Clear. People hear that and you just Dodge your way. Okay. So on to more of the case this week, Lodwick Borden. That's A name. Lodwick it is a name was born on March 14th, 18, 12, Just name. 


We like him. We can like Him just saying he Didn't choose his name. His parents Need to be nice to him. His parents chose his name, not him. Well, his parents, he was born on March 14th, 1812 to Martha Patty Bowen and Richard Borden. Stick with me here. Lord wicks, brother Abraham Borden was Andrew Jackson. Borden's father, which made Lodwick the great uncle of the infamous Lizzie Borden. Cause Andrew Jackson Borden was her father who went by Adrian. 


There you get. So there you go. That was a, had to figure that out. Where's I wonder if I put it in here. I don't think that I did anyways. Law lick was the eighth of 10 children, Timmins, Puck. What do you need to come and take them away? I mean, but there is also a, another Borden murder house on second street before Lizzie allegedly, but acquitted gave her mother 40 whacks and it belonged to Lodwick. 


I will put in the trigger warning here for a few things. First is suicide. Second is child murder. And third is Pirie. Pardom formerly postpartum depression. There isn't much to the story because Borden is obviously overshadowed by Lizzie. Like everything it's hard to. Yeah. However, yeah, but it is important. I believe culturally, as it brings a much needed topic of conversation and then historically to the board and family, which further begs the question, is it the board and family that is cursed. 


<inaudible> The first tragedy connected to the board and family actually goes back to 1832 when Sarah Maria Cornell, which was a cousin of Lizzy's on her mother's side. So that's how she was related was murdered. Originally. It was assumed that Sarah completed suicide when she was found on a farm in Tiverton Rhode Island, which was odd because Sarah actually worked at a mill in fall river. So why is she in Rhode Island? Yeah, I mean, they were close weird as it turns out Sarah was pregnant at the time of her death. 


And after further investigation into her death, it was discovered that Sarah was actually murdered. Was Sarah married, a Methodist minister named Efrim K Avery was suspected of the pregnancy and her murder. He was tried for Sarah's murder, but was ultimately acquitted. And there's not a lot of information relating to Sarah's Casey. They're like, that is all I could find. Okay. Basically, like she was murdered down there who did it like that was basically it. So as for Lodwick, he would end up being married four times, yikes. 


To Maria Briggs, Eliza, darling, Eliza chase. And Rahama crocker. This wasn't really uncommon because death in childbirth was pretty common, which we've talked about before. So like, and it's not like his wives mysteriously, like something happened and we don't know what yeah. That's why I sort of like, we need to, we need to have a little pill love for law because the guy goes through, like, I feel so bad for him. Well, I know his name is funny. His name is funny. You don't get to choose your name. You're changing it legally. Now on September 8th, 1833, Lodwick married 22 year old Maria Briggs. 


But by 1836, just three years later, there were two infant children had died. Oh. And then by 1838, Maria had died, which made Lodwick a widower at just 27. That's sad. Then on March 16th, 1843, he married his second wife, Eliza darling. The two lived in a precious little Cape Cod style house that was built on land owned by the board and family and fall river just a year later in 1844, the couple had their first child named Maria. Interesting that his first wife's name was Maria. But apparently that also wasn't uncommon at the time. 


So anyways, Maria was their first child and then in 1846, Eliza Anne was born and then in 1814, their son holder was born. Remember there was a holder board in like before. So yeah, he was named after him. So yes, three children in four years does a lot to a woman, both physically, emotionally. Oh goodness. Mentally. This is the Part that if you would like to skip Ahead, It might be a good time if you just don't. 


Yeah, I'll go through it quickly. But this is like your trigger warning for both suicide and then child murder. I don't, you you'll know me. I didn't go into details, but I go very quickly over. So, and there is a reason that we cover this. Cause it is a very important topic. We'll get there anyways. Let's get forward. Now the home had a cistern in the cellar and for those who don't know, like that's just an underground reservoir under the house that just held water, not A well, but Similar kind of right. It collected rainwater instead of the water coming up from the ground. 


As I am mentioning this, you can probably see where this is going. It's unclear what the breaking point was for Eliza or what her thoughts were leading up to what happened next. But I even put right here, but go ahead and skip forward. If you don't think you can hear it. So apparently I put that in my notes, swell. Eliza took her three children to the cistern and drops them in before slicing her own throat with Lodwick straight razor. By the time help had arrived. The oldest daughter, Maria was still alive, but sadly the other two children, Eliza Anne and holder did not make it. Lodwick went on to marry his third wife, Eliza chase on February 29th, 1856. 


Although His third marriage lasted longer than the previous two in 1865. Lodwick buried another wife when Eliza chase died at 51 years old. My Goodness At this point, he has buried three wives and four children all before the age of 53 Poor guy. When law board died, when Lodwick Borden died on October 6th, 1876, he was just 62 years old and he left behind a widow rom a crocker in 1893, when Lizzie Borden was on the stand for the murder of her father and stepmother, the middle state of the entire Borden family was brought up with a major focus on the suicide of Eliza Borden after drowning her two children, even through, even though the prosecution wanted to use the tragic death as evidence of quote inherited madness, She married into the family. 


It was thrown out as evidence. The defense argued that Eliza was only a Borden by marriage, not by blood, which negated the entire inheritance of madness argument. What a Ding bat And the defense argued That the child Maria was at the time, 49 years old and quote alive and well, and a mother herself living in the city back to Eliza. What could have caused the tragedy. It was suggested by many that Eliza was very sad and hopeless before the events that day. If you were someone that has had a child, you might be familiar with what is known as peri, partum, depression, previously known as postpartum as someone who has had a child. 


And I have also survived PBD, which is what it's also called. I can say it is nothing to play around with peri partum. Depression is a serious, but treatable, medical illness involving feelings of extreme sadness in different during anxiety, as well as changes in energy, sleep and appetite. This used to be referred to as postpartum, how ever, and this makes so much sense because it was not termed peri partum when I was diagnosed. And when I read this, I was like, yes, it should have been like, that makes total sense. So they renamed the term or like updated it because it has been proved that PPD can start during pregnancy and then continue after which makes total sense. 


Cause that my symptoms onset while I was pregnant and I hit a deep, like deep depression. So I was like, that makes total sense. Like why it would be changed. There is something that is commonly called the baby blues. And this is not the same thing as PPD, baby blues are similar, but they're more akin to like the emotional experience of birth, like that does a lot to your body. And like, I know people are gonna think I'm getting like hippy-dippy and whatnot, but there's a lot in your body. That's connected that we don't realize is sure. 


Emotionally connected, not just physically, but like you hold. Like if you think again, sorry, I know y'all think I'm hippy. It's fine. I'm cool with it. Like how people believe in like your Shakur and your body and how each one has like control something different in your body and like childbirth deals with your root chakra, which is like anyways, the bottom of your spine. And that is where like emotion, according to like the shocker of areas, your root chakra is where like emotion is held and like deep seated, like trauma. 


And so it makes total sense that like, after your body goes through that, that your body just like, and mentally and emotionally, you just kinda like fall you. What? I mean, like that's the best explanation I can explain is like, it's it is a fall. Well, and I mean, I've not had, as I told the precious, precious young lady who after I bought a one Z Four, I think we talked about this on another episode After bought A1C for a friend's baby, a friend who was expecting after she told me to enjoy my grandchild. 


Absolutely makes no sense at All. I mean, I have a few glitter highlights, which is what I call gray hairs, but y'all come on. No, Not at all. Anyways, Nobody has lived in this body, but me, but when I was really, before I was diagnosed with my depression, I thought I had stomach cancer. I knew that's what it was because I could not eat. Like I would put food in my mouth and immediately want to just, and Ahmed it out. It was, Yes, they are very linked. Things can be linked. I mean, you know, whether it shocker or whatever things are linked in your body. 


Yes. And in that, so it just makes total, so like baby blues, it's kind of just like your, it is exactly a fall. Like you're coming down from everything. Like your body has been at the peak of hormones and emotion and In change And Changing and flowing through. And Exactly. So baby blues looks like, like just crying for no clear reason. I do that sometimes, but I'm emotionally damaged as if anybody's seen the tic talk with his name's uncle. Roger. I love him. He's actually a cook. We watch him, but he goes emotion or damage anyways. 


It's hilarious. Kind of fun. Sometimes I'll say something and my boyfriend will say motion, all damage. Yeah. That's me anyways, trouble sleeping, eating, or making choices and questioning whether they can really care for their new trial. However, baby blues typically only lasts about two weeks. That's kind of what takes your body to Reset Your body literally goes like, okay, we did like, but then that's when everything kind of creeps in and you're like, okay, I waited for that moment. And now it's here and oh my gosh, it's here now. Like, I don't know if anybody realizes, when you leave the hospital, they assume you can take care of that child. 


They're like, here you go enjoy. And you're like, you're A mommy, congratulations. I need supervision. And you're expect, okay, wait, I'm a grownup. So peri partum depression is different from the baby blues and that it is emotionally and physically like debilitating. And it may continue for months or more. The causes of PPD vary wildly. And those include changes in hormone levels. After giving birth a previous history of depression, fatigue, lifestyle factors, and the flood of new experiences and emotions that they're just not ready for. 


Some of the symptoms of PPD includes sad or depressed moods, loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed changes in appetite, sleep issues, no energy feeling like you were worthless or feeling guilty, thoughts of death or suicide, lack of interest in your child, not feeling like you're bonding with your child or feeling anxious around the baby, feeling like you're a bad mother and fear or thoughts of harming the baby or yourself, all of this information on PPD and the baby blues I got from the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists or the ACO g.org and psychiatry.org. 


Just so people know, like I'm not just spouting out random things. Like isn't just note all In saying all of This With Eliza, having three children within four years, Holy smokes guys. And with those making comments regarding her extreme sadness and the days leading up to the murders, it is an outside the realm of possibility that PPD might have been at play. There's never an excuse for murder by any means. And there is never a valid reason for it. I know. However, this could provide an explanation for tragic events, such as this one Kind of helps us look into her mind and kind of see going on there and wash your sink. 


This was, And the way this was not a thing like this was so far from the realm of possibility at this time. So I will go ahead and say that if you or someone you know, is having symptoms of peripartum depression, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please speak with your OB GYN about what you're experiencing and take it seriously, guys. I've experienced it. I am speaking from my place of experience. It is nothing to mess around with. 


And it's nothing, nothing. There's nothing wrong. You get it. It's not, it is you, but it's not, you it's it's It's It can be managed. It can be helped. It, I mean, all you have to do is let someone know that you're feeling that way And It can be helped And it can be. And it, and when you go to your follow-up visits after a child, like the doctor does ask you, like, are you having any of these at least minded? For sure. They ask like, are you having any of these thoughts or feelings like that kind of whole thing so they can make sure like you're okay, per se. And it doesn't make you a bad parent and make sure that, that parent to say, Hey, something's up Taking care of yourself, takes care of more than just yourself As my friends. 


And I remind each other a lot. You can't pour from an empty cup. You can't, You can't pour from an empty cup. So you've got to take care of you so that you can take care of your family. Yes. So I'll go ahead and put it here. You'll find it in our show notes to scroll down in your podcast feed and you'll see it. You can find a ton of resources@postpartum.org or in the U S you can call or text. You can text the same number 1 809, 4, 4, 4 PPD, or 1-800-944-FOUR 7 7 3. 


There is an anonymous chat feature on the website as well. And there's a directory where you can find a healthcare provider in your area, as well as a list of online support groups. Again, that is postpartum.org. I saw this case and like I said, it wasn't heavy on information, but one only one source that I found on this mentioned PPD. And I just thought odd. Yeah, that's the like, Hmm. 


I would think more people would think of that. But then I was like, that's not some people's lived experience. So they don't think about, And how old are those sources as well? Some of them were not that old Really. And so, and that's why I was kind of like surprised. Yeah, that is surprising. And so anyways, I, we, you know, try to aim to like discuss important issues and discuss topics like this that do come up because we want to end the stigmatization around getting help for anything. Like, there's nothing wrong with getting help at all. 


You're not admitting that you're weak. You're not admitting that anyone is better than you. You are recognizing that you are not yourself and you were not doing a dis. You were doing a disservice to everyone around you and yourself. Yes. For not getting help. It is guys. Like we talked about it before, like there are apps, you can go better help. Like you can go find, like, if you don't want to go to a spiritual, like physician, you can do that. Like, you can use apps, you can go online. 


Like you can do Teladoc visits. Like there's so many different ways that you can get help. Like good and bad things coming along with the pandemic is like a lot of, I don't want to say resources, but a lot of options have opened up things like that because we were forced to think, okay, Has a therapy session via video chat. Yeah. Oh, I, I mean, I did a few, several times during quarantine. That's What she does. Every time it's video chat. I Didn't see my actual psychiatrist in person until two months ago for the first time in two years, like every three months I've had my visits online because that's what we had to Do. 


Like, yeah. They couldn't see people. So yeah. Like if anything good can come out of a pandemic, I guess, access, that's the word I'm thinking. Yes. Access to these two health services has expanded so much. Well, you've had to figure it out and now you're like, oh, we can do this. And it's so much easier. Oh yeah. You can get your birth control, like online and mailed to you. Like, you don't need to have to go to a pharmacist. Like there's so many different things that you can do, like online you dermatology appointments, like there's so many, like think of how many apps or like websites, certain companies say like, like Cureology or nurse, I know is another one that like, you send them photos of your face. 


And like, these are the issues I'm having like fine lines, wrinkles, acne, like, and they take a look. And then based off of your photos, like it's supposed to be in sunlight, no makeup, like good lighting. So you can see, Sorry, I go to my dermatologist in person, you know, But you know, so many of those, and then they take your diet and everything into consideration and come up with the best treatment plan for you. And it's like, that's, it's as easy as that now admitting you need to do that is not the easy part, but that is what we are here For. Yes. We will tell you that we've done it. 


So if we can do It, yes. Go for it. And let me just, okay, dermatologist, I'm going to go ahead and tell my embarrassing dermatologist story, Which one? For real, for real. So I thought I was going for a checkup on what was it? It wasn't my face. It was Your Leg. Let's sit. No, it wasn't my leg. Maybe it was my face. I don't know. Anyway, so I thought I was going just for a on that. So it was in the winter time. And so I was just, you know, going for a checkup on that. And yo, I don't shave my legs in the winter town because I mean, why, so I get on there, like, okay, well go ahead and you can get undressed, you know, down to your, to your Brahm pennies and you can, here's your sheet. 


And I was like, I'm sorry, what? Yeah, guys, it was my full body scan. I had not shaved. I had like For fun. And my doctor came in and I said, I'm just going to go ahead and apologize right off the bat. I did not realize that we were doing a full scale. I thought that it was just, you know, up on my hand. Ah, I'm so sorry. I was not prepared for all of this today. And she was like, we've seen it all and I will show you my leg. I'm kind of furry myself. But I mean, number one, having a full body scan, you know, I mean, by now I'm like, you know, whatever, just see what you got to see, you know, but God, it was, it was so embarrassing. 


So if I can live through that, I will say this. You can too, Anytime, anytime that I've heard, like women who are like going to have their like yearly visit or anything like that. And they're so like I've seen so many things that are like memes or something about like, I, what did it say? Oh, I prepare more for my yearly checkup than I do for a date. And like, I've seen that so many times, but guys seriously, seriously, not even kidding. My thought now always is. They've seen worse. They've seen To that point Will not be the topic of their conversation last night because I guarantee you, they will see worse today. 


Today. They will see like that always is like, my solidifier is I'm like they've seen worse. They've seen worse. Well, and, and the doctor to tell me that, but I was like, I, I am mortified because you've not seen it from me until today. They're like, we genuinely didn't care, But take it from me. You can survive it. And we can just own it. We have a website where you can find any and all Owen, UC information, you're looking for it's one nation under crime. You can find any way to get in touch with us. Any social media. We have had people who have messaged us like, or sent emails through our website and stuff like that. 


So like always guys, you're more than welcome to we're actually on YouTube as well. So if you want to go to YouTube, you can do that too. If you love our podcasts, like guys go one recommend us to people to give them some five star reviews. We would appreciate. Yeah. Kinda rinse out that. As I said before, as I said before, five stars, five stars. Only if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. And we also have a Patrion. If you would like to help with costs of making in hosting the show, our patrons are amazing. They truly do help us get this out every month. And it's wonderful. So we will see you here. 


Same time, different crime next week. And remember there isn't always Liberty and justice for all. Nope. Goodbye.